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Zanzer Bamboo 3-Piece Cutting Board Set

Brand: Zanzer

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Model: Cutting Board Set

Condition: New

Warranty: 30 Day Warranty

Packaging: Retail

Multi-functional and eco-friendly, the Zanzer Bamboo 3-Piece Cutting Board Set is an essential addition to every kitchen. If you’re tired of washing your cutting board in between uses, dulling your knives from hard cutting boards, and want to ensure your foods are safe to eat, this 3-piece set is a must-have.

Resistant to warping, cracking and splitting, these cutting boards are expertly made using sturdy bamboo to hold up to continuous cutting without leaving knife marks on the surface. And while the material is thick and extremely durable, it won’t dull the blades of your knives.

Three cutting boards allow you to cut, dice and slice all of your vegetables, meats, and fruits without interruption. You won’t have to stop to wash your cutting board in between and can conveniently do all of your food preparation in one seamless flow. They’re even double-sided to help prevent cross-contamination of different food types.

Enjoy all of your food prep with a sustainable material that contains no chemicals or formaldehyde. Moisture-resistant and less porous than wood, food-safe bamboo is anti-bacterial – resistant to bacterial growth to ensure a safe eating experience. And no trees were harmed in making this product!

In addition to your cutting needs, this versatile set can be used to serve appetizers or as trays to replace the need for trivets so you can protect your table’s surface from heat damage. When done using, simply hand wash with warm water and mild detergent, then air dry. These three cutting boards from Zanzer will serve all of your kitchen needs well into the future.




30 Day Warranty


Thick, solid and extremely durable, these cutting boards won’t easily crack or splinter, plus they won't dull your knives. Naturally moisture-resistant and less porous than wood, bamboo contains no chemicals or formaldehyde and is resistant to bacterial growth to ensure a safe eating experience.

Beautifully crafted out of sturdy bamboo, this Cutting Board Set will provide many years of continual use. This natural, eco-friendly product is more resistant to damage than traditional hardwoods and can withstand everyday wear and tear.

Attractive and functional, these bamboo boards can be used for all of you food preparation needs. Use it to slice meat, chop up fruits and vegetables, or serve appetizers. You can even use it as a tray to replace the need for a trivet or heat mat.

This set conveniently includes three cutting boards – 6” x 7.9" small, 8.3” x 11” medium and 9.5” x 13” large sizes – to accommodate your various needs when preparing food. With three boards at your disposal, you can continue cutting, slicing and dicing without having to wash the board in between.

The Zanzer Bamboo 3-Piece Cutting Board Set will make a great gift for recently married couples, new homeowners and those who simply enjoy cooking in the kitchen. And if they also care about the environment, they’ll love the fact that these sustainable cutting boards were made while keeping the forests intact.



What you get:

Three [3] Zanzer Bamboo Cutting Boards