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Withings Pulse Wireless Activity Tracker + Sleep and Heart Rate Monitoring - Black

Condition: Refurbished

Item has been cleaned, repaired, and inspected by our supplier to ensure they're in the best condition possible. Might include minor wear and tear, including some cosmetic blemishes, however, item will be in full 100% working condition.

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Wireless Activity Tracker

Withings Pulse is a powerful pocket-sized personal tracking tool designed to help users achieve their personal health and fitness goals. For the first time ever on an activity tracker, the Withings Pulse adds heart pulse measurement and run stride tracking to the number of steps taken, distances covered, calories burned and quality of sleep. The device syncs via Bluetooth with the Withings Health Mate App where all the data is collected and stored in real time. 

Moving through your day.

  • Track your daily activity - The Withings Pulse captures steps, burned calories, stairs climbed and distance travelled. Once synced to your smartphone/tablet, you will discover your data put into perspective.
  • See the data come to life - The Withings Health Mate app instantly turns numbers into easy to read graphs showing trends and showcasing your day-to-day progress.
  • Improve yourself - The Pulse offers an empowering experience as you are able to better yourself by making informed choices.

Running the good race.
  • Track your run - Just grab your Withings Pulse and go ! The tracker recognizes your running: it automatically displays a Run recap screen with your racing stats.
  • Easy history browsing with touch screen - With the Pulse, you have easy access to your data. There's no need to have your smartphone to see the history of all of your activities.

Fostering good nights.
  • Monitor your sleep - Place the Withings Pulse in the Sleep Wristband and launch the sleep cycle analysis. The next morning you will have to opportunity to precisely assess your sleep quality thanks to the in-app graph to have more restorative nights.

Measuring heart rate in a heartbeat.
  • Instant heart rate - The Withings Pulse enables you to follow your heart rate trends. Check your pulse on any occasion. Just press your finger on the back of the device and discover your heart rate.
  • Assess your fitness level - Overtime, as your resting heart rate decrease, celebrate - your overall health and wellness is improving.

Reach the perfect balance between activity and nutrition.
  • Master your body's weight - Simply log your meals in the MyFitnessPal app - the world's largest food, nutrition and calorie database. The Health Mate app brings home their caloric equivalents and measures them against the number of calories burned.
  • Track your trend - By logging your weight into the free Health mate app or using Withings' scales to keep a track of your weight and reach your goal and the perfect balance.

Enlightening and customizable.
  • Pocket coach - Sync the Withings Pulse with your smartphone (iOS or Android) and collect all the data in your Health Mate app that instantly puts them into perspective.
  • Withings' ecosystem - The Withings Pulse is part of a wide fitness ecosystem. All data collected by Withings' products goes to the same app to give you a complete understanding of where you stand and how you can improve yourself.
  • Enjoy our network of partners - You can share your data with over 100 health and fitness partner apps. We are probably already compatible with your favorite app.



Model: WAM01 Smart Activity Tracker

Condition: Refurbished

Warranty: 90 Day Warranty

Packaging: Hassle-Free

Brand: Withings

What you get:

One [1] Withings Pulse WAM01 Smart Activity Tracker

Product Features

  • Activity tracking steps, elevation, distance and calories burned
  • Instant Heart Rate measurement. Sleep quality monitoring
  • Please make sure that your mobile device is compatible with the Withings Pulse(TM) Ox. Please charge it for at least two hours.
  • After charging it, press the button for 15 seconds. At this point, it can take up to a minute for your Withings Pulse(TM) Ox to start.
  • iPhone (3GS or later), iPad (except the original iPad - App not iPad optimized) or iPod touch (4th generation or later), with iOS 6.0 or later and Internet access (mobile data or Wi-Fi). Bluetooth-enabled
  • Android smartphone or tablet with Android 2.3.3 or later, Internet access (mobile data or Wi-Fi)
  • The product may not work if exposed to water