Waist-Slimming & Body-Support Corset

$ 11.99

$ 54.99



Smooth your folds and slim your waist with this corset. Offering maximum support and coverage with the double wide wrap, this corset covers your entire waist area from below your breast to your lower hips.

Size Chart:
XS: 20-24 inches
S: 23-26
M: 25-28
L: 27-30
XL: 28-31
XXL: 30-33
XXXL: 34-37

Brand: Generic

Model: Corset

Condition: New

Packaging: Retail

What you get:

Waist-Slimming & Body-Support Corset

Product Features

  • Can cinch 2"-4" off the waist.
  • Reduces and shapes the abdomen, waist, and back.
  • Close with three-column hook.
  • Side boning creates excellent posture and shape.
  • Internal lining absorbs perspiration.
  • Constructed from three layers: elastic fabric, latex, and cotton.
  • Material: 87% latex; 10% polyamide; 3% elastane.
  • Color: Black.