Universal Car Window Shade for Sun Protection and Privacy

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The GF Pro Universal Sun Shade will keep your kids safe from the sun! Feeling helpless as your kids complain about too much sun, heat, and glare in the back seat? Worried about your baby getting too much sun exposure in his car seat? You no longer need to stress! Your car can now experience the enhanced protection and greatly reduced interior temperatures that window tinting provides - without the tinting! The GF Pro Universal Sun Shade is made of a flexible, stretchy mesh material that's incredibly easy to "install in seconds on your passenger side windows! It will help block the hot effects of the sun while providing you with enhanced passenger privacy.

Installation could not be simpler! The GF Pro Universal Sun Shade won't hurt your car's paint job either - this durable, lightweight fabric simply pulls down over the car door, then you simply close the door to secure the shade - which is so thin and light you'll hardly notice it's there! Once it's on, your children will be protected, and you'll enjoy much cooler in-cabin temperatures, greater privacy, and a clean, classy look. And when summer comes to an end, the shades come right off in in no time at all!

Brand: Generic

Model: Universal Car Window Shade

Condition: New

Packaging: Retail

What you get:

Universal Car Window Shade

Product Features

  • The GF Pro universal sunshade offers ultimate passenger protection from heat, sunburn and glare.
  • The mesh material keeps the world visible while our breathable dual layer design allows you to roll down your car window and still stay protected from the sun.
  • Guaranteed to fit 99% of cars and many SUVs, and Minivans. The flexible and stretchy material fits windows between 25" and 45" wide with a height up to 18".
  • Protect your loved ones in their car seats and booster seats by applying these sun shades to the rear side doors of the car.
  • Installs in less than a second. Just pull it down over the open car door and you'll begin to enjoy cooler in-car temperatures, greater privacy, and a clean, classy look.