Tylt POWERPLANT 5200 mAh Battery Backup with Lightning Charge Arm and USB Port

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The TYLT PowerPlant is a robust, portable energy charger with high output capacity. The PowerPlant automatically starts charging when a mobile device is plugged in. It automatic shuts off to help ensure conservation of valuable battery life. Each PowerPlant will retain a single charge for up to one year.

Built-in Lightning Connector Charging Arm

Allows you to charge your Lightning device directly from Powerplant.

Additional USB Port

Allows you to charge any device using your own cable.

Big Power in a Small Package

The TYLT PowerPlant is a small and portable back-up charger. Simply plug in the TYLT PowerPlant into your device to start charging. No on/off switch, no holding down buttons, no hassles.

Easy to Use

The TYLT PowerPlant contains an on-board Lightning cable. You don't need to carry any extra cables or adaptors with you. Simply take the TYLT PowerPlant wherever you go and charge your device on the run.

On Board USB Output

Aside from the on-board Lightning cable, the TYLT PowerPlant also features a standard USB output (1Amp). Users can use the USB output to charge any USB Device.

Powerful Enough to Charge Most Tablets

With the high-powered 2.1A output, the TYLT PowerPlant is capable of charging most tablets (those supporting a 5V input). The high-powered output also ensures you can rapidly charge two devices simultaneously.

Charge Two Devices while Charging the PowerPlant

The Powerplant can be recharged by plugging any Micro-USB charger into it, whether it's at home or in the car. The TYLT PowerPlant's smart circuitry will detect when a device is inserted and automatically start charging.

Battery Capacity Indicator

Convenient LEDs indicate the remaining battery capacity so you can ensure you're never stranded without juice. It will also detect when there are no devices connected and automatically shut down, conserving valuable battery life.

Brand: Tylt


Condition: New

Packaging: Retail

What you get:

Battery Backup with Lightning Charge Arm and USB Port

Product Features

  • High capacity 5,200mAh battery will triple your phones battery capacity
  • Smaller than a credit card to fit into your pocket
  • Built-in Lightning cable to charge your Apple device
  • Universal USB port allows for charging most phones and tablets
  • Includes LED Light for the included battery's remaining life
  • iPhone 5 Charging
  • Fits in Pocket
  • Charge on the go!