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Things can definitely get a little frantic at times when you're well into one of your many intense PS3 games and your enemies or opponents aren't pushovers anymore. Not only do you end up gripping your controller more tightly and pressing buttons with greater urgency, but you're very likely much more animated as a whole with it in your hands. A conventional PS3 controller is going to limit you in that regard, but these brand new Bluetooth Wireless Playstation 3 Controllers have no wired connection and as such you're free to move about just as wildly as you like while battling to avoid a virtual demise. It features monstrous vibration and pressure-sensitive action buttons, and it detects natural movements for real-time and high-precision interactive play. Compatible with: PlayStation 3 PS3.

Brand: Liger

Model: PS3 Controllers

Condition: New

Packaging: Hassle Free

What you get:

(Two Pack) PS3 Controllers

Product Features

  • Wireless controller for PS3 PlayStation 3 is designed for the gamer who demands only the best in wireless gaming technology.
  • Wireless Bluetooth: 20' wireless operation range, High-performance Bluetooth controller, Mini-USB.
  • Ultra-responsive dual analog control sticks and directional pad; Double Shock Vibration.