The Option Game: Consistent Returns in Any Market-

The Option Game: Consistent Returns in Any Market

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Course Description:

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Are you looking for strategies to consistently earn extra income each month without quitting your job or taking on a ton of risk?

In the past, people have used money market accounts, certificates of deposit, and bonds to generate a little extra income while they spent their time on other endeavors. But these tried-and-true strategies for income just aren't true anymore.

You will be extremely lucky if you can find a money market account paying more than 1% annually, and the highest tiered CD might net you 1.25% or so.

Today, U.S. Treasury bonds are paying less than 2% annually, and one-third of the world's sovereign bonds are now in negative-yield territory!

Simply put, tying up your capital for such measly returns is a losing proposition.... but that doesn't mean you don't have options!

Enter: The Option Game: Safe Income in Any Market

This course is all about how to use options to generate safe monthly income no matter the market conditions. The strategies we will use to generate income with options do not involve speculating or taking on a ton of risk, however. In many cases, these strategies can actually reduce the risk of your overall portfolio.

Now we aren't talking about day trading. We aren't talking about chasing little moves in prices. We aren't talking about cutting losses and trying to hit a big gain once in a while. We are talking about a comprehensive, long-term strategy to generate extra income, month in and month out.

By the way, this extra income will only require 20 minutes or so worth of work each month. That's it. Again, this is a conservative approach so it does not require aggressive action.

These are the strategies used by hedge fund managers, proprietary Wall Street traders, and even Warren Buffet on occasion. But guess what – generating income with options is as easy as buying stocks normally if you know what you are doing!

This course will go over all of the fundamentals you need to know before getting started. The course will present live demonstrations to show you exactly how to implement the strategies discussed. The course will present a comprehensive example to show you exactly how you can use the strategies to generate extra income every single month. Finally, the course will go over the risks and good practices you need to know before implementing the Option Game.

Now to be clear, this course is not about getting rich quick. It is about generating extra income month in and month out. Over and over again.

The Option Game is not about hitting home runs; it is about hitting for singles and maybe a double every now and then. Thus, this course is best suited for people who are self-disciplined and willing to stick with a simple strategy.

So if you are ready to turbo-charge your monthly income without taking big-risks do not hesitate to enroll in The Option Game today!

What are the requirements?

  • The Option Game will start with the fundamentals so no previous knowledge or experience is necessary.
  • Students will need a brokerage account in order to execute the strategies presented in this course.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Internalize the fundamentals of options - what they are, how they work, and what they were designed to do
  • Understand the intricacies of call options and put options
  • Execute the Covered Call Canter to generate income on high quality stocks without taking on any additional risk
  • Execute the Naked Put Promenade to sell "insurance" to traders and get paid to build a portfolio of high quality stocks
  • Pair the Covered Call Canter and the Naked Put Promenade to generate safe, consistent income every single month

What is the target audience?

  • Are you looking for strategies to consistently earn extra income each month without quitting your job or taking on a ton of risk? This course is for you!
  • Are you frustrated by the low yields offered on money market accounts, certificates of deposit, and sovereign bonds? This course will show you a better way to earn a return on your money!
  • Are you looking for day trading tips or get-rich-quick schemes? This course is NOT for you.

The Option Game: Consistent Returns in Any Market

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