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You promised your friends a gourmet feast—both in taste and appearance. Unfortunately your attempt at creating a "wow factor" left you with a feeling like you found a leprechaun, but he was all out of gold - so instead of granting you wishes, he just flipped you the bird and started dating your spouse. OK, so it wasn't that bad - no it was. Next time, grab yourself a Dishwasher-Safe Kitchen Spiral Slicer. It creates culinary concoctions that makes the chef gods weep. Just slide in a veggie, twist in the twister and BOOM! you're creating the food equivalent of solid gold. Use it for garnish, salads, pasta - sky's the limit! Create better food with this awesome slicer.

Brand: Generic

Model: K-7

Condition: New

Packaging: Retail

What you get:

Spiral Slicer

Product Features

  • Special stainless steel blades
  • Creates endless amazing strips
  • Finger guard
  • Stainless steel + ABS
  • Dishwasher safe