Sony Compact Portable Speakers

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Don't want to wear headphones just to enjoy a little of your own music back at the hotel? Take some speakers with you. With SRS-T33's single chassis and compact, foldable design, Sony's 1-watt-per-channel portable speakers will travel wherever you do. The little package even offers cable and plug storage management.

The speakers' 1.3-inch (34 mm) neodymium magnet drivers produce high energy output for impressive speaker movement, power, and sonic accuracy, giving you remarkably good sound from speakers occupying little more space than a CD case. Sometimes referred to as a rare earth magnet, neodymium offers 15 times the strength of a traditional strontium-iron-based magnet. This strength grants greater power handling and higher frequency reproduction. Kick in the unit's Mega Bass circuit for a boost.

The SRS-T33 is magnetically shielded to avoid interference when placed near or atop a TV, laptop computer, or monitor. The speakers operate for about 24 hours using 4 AA batteries (not included) and weigh approximately 8 ounces (without batteries) or 12 ounces (with batteries). The unit can also be used as passive portable speaker system, with no batteries or external power source required; just use the headphone amplifier on you portable device. Optional accessories include the AC-E60HG or AC-E60A AC/DC power adapters.

Brand: Sony

Model: SRS-T33

Condition: New

Packaging: Retail

What you get:

Product Features

  • Single chassis, dual speakers with 1 watt per channel x 2.
  • Compact, foldable design permits easy transport wherever you take your portable music player or digital voice recorder.
  • 1.3-inch neodymium-magnet drivers produce high energy output for greater speaker movement, power, and sonic accuracy.
  • Magnetically shielded so the speakers will not disturb images when close to a TV or monitor.
  • Works for 24 hours on DC (Battery 2xAAA)(not included); also works as a passive system driven by your portable device (no power required).