Side Bussiness Kit: Your Own Stay in the Line iOS Game Clone-

Side Bussiness Kit: Your Own Stay in the Line iOS Game Clone

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Course Description:

With this course, you get the full source code of a top game similar to “Stay in the Line” iOS game where you control a dot and need to stay within the line for as long as possible.

The gameplay is simple & addictive, which are the main ingredients to make a small game successful in the itunes app store and reach to top charts!

In this course, we will modify the graphic images to create a totally different game, a racing car game where the car needs to stay within the road boundaries. It only take a couple hours to build it, and we’re using very simple image editing techniques. I show you every single steps you need to start, and I’m assuming you know nothing or very little,and I’m gonna help you succeed having your very own game, published in the itunes app store, without having to write not even one single line of code!

Since this source code comes with advertising banners you not only get an education but you also have the potential to make passive incomes from it.

Many of my students that took my courses, just like this course, made it to the top iTunes charts and they are now making a living out of creating mobile games!

This game source code costs hundreds of dollars on its own, and you’re getting it for free with this course. You can keep using this code and make dozens of games out of it. You can make games about spaceships, car racing, boat racing, jet skis, jetpacks, pet racing, horse racing, motorcycles, rockets, or even robots. You imagination has no limits.

This is a perfect way to start your mobile app business or increase your app portfolio quickly.

Make the right decision and join us now. I’ll see you in the classroom.

Who is the target audience?

  • anyone that wants to start in the mobile app industry
  • anyone wanting to start their business with little to no money
  • graphic freelancers that want to become entrepreneur


  • a MAC OS X or
  • one afternoon to spare!

Side Bussiness Kit: Your Own Stay in the Line iOS Game Clone

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