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ROLI Lightpad Block Super Sonic Surface Musical Instrument Beat Maker-Daily Steals

ROLI Lightpad Block Super Sonic Surface Musical Instrument Beat Maker

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Brand: Blocks

Model: Lightpad Block

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Warranty: 30 Day Warranty

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Make beats. Play melodies. Shape sounds naturally through touch. Discover a new way to make music on one incredibly powerful surface. It’s all in the palm of your hand.

On Lightpad Block’s unique surface you shape sounds and make music with Five Dimensions of Touch (5D Touch), while LED illuminated grids guide you as you play. An expression is at your fingertips, so you can bring any musical idea to life in an instant.

Pair your pocket-sized Block with NOISE on your mobile to sketch musical ideas on the go. Or connect to a suite of high-powered desktop software — all bundled with the Lightpad Block. Explore a universe of expressive sounds from world-class sound designers and artists such as Pharrell, Grimes, and RZA.

Lightpad Block is just one piece of the award-winning modular music making system: BLOCKS. Connect wirelessly to Seaboard Block or more Lightpad Blocks to extend the possibilities even further.

Touch Sound. It Glows.
Making music on the Lightpad Block is a delightful interaction of touch, sound, and light. Its silicone surface is pressure-responsive, and you shape sound by striking the surface, pressing into it, and moving your fingers around it. Not only do you touch sound. You also see it. The LED-illuminated surface glows, and each touch leaves a trace of light. Colorful grids guide you to make different kinds of music.

Every movement is musical
The Lightpad Block gives you five ways to shape sound through touch. Strike the surface to sound a note, as you would on a piano key or a drum. Glide your fingers from side to side to bend the pitch, as violinists do. Slide up and down to modulate the sound. Press into the surface to deepen sounds, like a saxophone player does by breathing more. Liftoff the surface at different speeds to change a sound’s resonance.

Learn to make music
Learning a musical instrument can take years. It’s much faster on Lightpad Block. The gestures for making music are intuitive, and the illuminated grids guide you to play in tune. Learn how to play Lightpad Block, and you'll be learning to play the sounds of hundreds of instruments in one.

Knees, Tables, Carseats, and Lawns
You can make music anywhere with BLOCKS. Play it on your knees, or play it on your kitchen counter. Take BLOCKS to the park. Each Block is lightweight and fits in your pocket, so you can carry them around as easily as a smartphone. Everything is wireless, so you don’t even need cords. BLOCKS opens up a new world of music-making — and a world of new places to make music.

Expand Your Surface
Lightpad Block is one piece of an award-winning music creation system: BLOCKS. Connect to a Seaboard Block, Live Block, Loop Block, Touch Block — or more Lightpad Blocks. All Blocks snap together and talk to each other wirelessly. Customize your kit from the beginning, then build as you grow

If I ever have writer’s block in the studio, I reach for BLOCKS. It brings the whole new levels of expression to my music.

Steve Aoki
Touch the sound of the future.

ROLI BLOCKS will democratize music production. It’s so intuitive and versatile. I’m always on the go, and BLOCKS is the most powerful mobile production tool I’ve ever used.

ROLI BLOCKS is pure creativity and fun.




30 Day Warranty


  • The surface of the Light pad Block is tactile and pressure-responsive, letting you shape music through taps, glides, presses, and other intuitive gestures
  • The surface is arranged in illuminated grids that guide you to find Notes and shape Sounds special modes help you learn, Play in tune, and stay in time
  • The Light pad Block connects wireless with Noise, the Free app, so you can choose a sound on Noise and Play it on the Light pad Block
  • The Light pad Block connects to other Blocks in the system, so you can expand Your kit and add more Control
  • Mobile & Tablet Requirements: iPhone 6 or newer, iPad Air 2 or newer, iPad Mini 4 or newer, iPad Pro (9.7, 10.5 and 12.9 inches), iOS 9.0 or above, Google Pixel or Pixel 2 (Limited Support)



What you get:

One [1] ROLI Lightpad Block Super Sonic Surface