Pocket Hose Brass Bullet - 50 Feet-Daily Steals

Pocket Hose Brass Bullet - 50 Feet

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Brand: Pocket Hose

Model: Top Brass Bullet

Condition: New

Warranty: 30 Day Warranty

Packaging: Retail

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The Lightweight, Expandable Hose That Grows

You take pride in your property. And the same goes without saying caring for your Blue-Ribbon garden. That heavy rubber garden hose just won’t do. It’s so difficult to carry. When you drag it across your lawn you destroy your beautiful, fragrant flowers. There’s a better way. Pocket Hose Brass Bullet is the black, super-lightweight hose that grows. Thanks to its unique bullet-fabric construction, it’s the leak-proof, tear-proof, and kink-proof solution to your gardening woes!

Expands & Contracts

When you’re struggling to unwind your heavy hose, you’re left with a rubbery mess. There’s no neat and organized way to unravel it. And trying to wind your hose back up is a pain – literally and figuratively. Pocket Hose Brass Bullet expands and contracts itself for easy maneuverability around your yard. Turn on your spigot and water fills Pocket Hose’s durable interior, expanding it to a full-size hose. When you’re finished with your watering, simply turn off your water. Pocket Hose Bullet shrinks itself dry.

Brass Connectors

You depend on a sturdy, tight seal between your hose and spigot. Pocket Hose Brass Bullet features super-strong brass tip connectors, fortified with connector protectors to eliminate leaks. Plus, Pocket Hose is 6x stronger than other hoses in its class!

Space-Saving Design

Why reel your hose on a huge wheel takes up a ton of space? Pocket Hose Brass Bullet stores easily in the smallest of sheds or garages. Empty, the Pocket Hose neatly coils so you can store in a draw, on a shelf, or in a cabinet.

Removable Brass Spray Nozzle

Your Pocket Hose Brass Bullet includes a removable brass spray nozzle with 3 adjustable settings. There’s no special attachments to purchase. Use Pocket Hose right out of the package! The brass spray nozzle includes a pinpoint stream, fine mist, or full power stream.




30 Day Warranty


  • Pocket Hose Top Brass 2 is now 3x stronger with tight seal technology for a water-tight seal every time you use it

  • Designed like a fire hose, its double layer construction and elastomer lining expands with water pressure

  • Water hose new and improved outer liner provides ultimate leak and breakthrough protection

  • This expandable garden hose attaches to any outdoor water faucet with the 3x stronger brass connector protectors

  • Completely drain and store Pocket Hose indoors between each use



What you get:

One [1] 50 Foot Brass Bullet Pocket Hose