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Plantronics Gamecom X95 Wireless Headphones/Gaming Headset for XBOX 360

Condition: Refurbished

Item has been cleaned, repaired, and inspected by our supplier to ensure they're in the best condition possible. Might include minor wear and tear, including some cosmetic blemishes, however, item will be in full 100% working condition.

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Wireless Headphones/Gaming Headset

This one's for all you hardcore Xbox gamers who can talk the talk and walk the walk. Plantronics Gamecom X95 built specifically for the Xbox 360 is your ultra-comfortable, super-sweet sounding, wireless gaming headset that allows you to listen in on the sounds of your opponent's demise as you get them all riled up and move in to finish them off. And when you're not out to thrash the enemy you can enjoy the wireless headset for listening to music or watching movies with exceptional stereo sound.

Rich stereo sound is delivered through the headset's 40-millimeter speakers for an immersive audio experience, and the closed-ear design allows you to turn up the headset volume to play games, listen to music, and watch movies without disturbing others. The boom microphone can be tucked easily into the headband and out of the way when you're not using it, or when you need a quick drink or snack. The mic is equipped with noise-canceling technology, which is designed to reduce background noise and enhance the accuracy of the sounds being transmitted.

Sporting a sleek, modern look that coordinates with the Xbox 360, the GameCom X95 has an adjustable headband that fits over your head. The headset is built to stay comfortable even when worn for long periods. It features plush earpods and a cushioned headband specially designed to redistribute pressure.

Among the headset's advanced gaming features are convenient on-ear controls, which enable you to stay focused on the game while you easily adjust separate voice and audio volume levels. The headset adapter connects easily to your Xbox 360 console and your TV and requires two "AAA" batteries (included). Now place them on your head as a King wears his crown and let your opponents bow in defeat at the sound of your voice!


Model: 83604-01

Condition: Refurbished - 90 Day Warranty


Packaging: Hassle-Free

Brand: Plantronics

What you get:

GameCom X95 Wireless Headset
2 ""AAA"" Batterie

Product Features

  • Wirelessly play games, listen to music and watch movies from your Xbox 360 in rich stereo sound
  • Concealed mic-boom easily tucks into the headband and out of your way when not in use
  • Get lost in the game with a closed-ear design and plush 40mm speakers
  • Specially designed earpods and headband redistribute the pressure for long-wearing comfort
  • Easy-to-reach on-ear volume controls for voice and audio adjustments