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Pirate King Board Game for 2-4 Swashbucklers

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Join fellow buccaneers with the popular board game Pirate King.åÊ Sail around the Caribbean commanding a flagship, looking for pirate booty, and creating general havoc and chaos, with the Pirate King Board Game.åÊ Show off all the skills and tactics of any true neer-do-well to the rest of the swashbuckling community.åÊ Polly want a cracker?åÊ No!åÊ Polly wants the Pirate King Board Game to share with the rest of the sea-faring scalawags.

This is a game of economic management, property building, and naval combat. Victory can be achieved through force of arms, economics or a combination of the two.åÊ Why pay when you can fight?åÊ Thats the Pirate way.åÊ But only a wise Captain knows when the price of fighting is too high.åÊ It all depends on what kind of Captain you want to be on your way in becoming the Pirate King.


Model: Pirate King

Condition: New


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Brand: Temple Games

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One [1] Pirate King Board Game for 2-4 Swashbucklers

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  • Great board game for 2-4 Swashbucklers
  • Hours of entertainment
  • Prefect for age 8 and up