PharMeDoc Anti-Burst Fitness Ball

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Innovative impact-free design sculpts and tones muscles while building trunk-strength, core strength, and targeted muscle toning via kinetic balance. Reshape your body in an enjoyable manner that can be done virtually anywhere. Increases core strength and muscle definition much more efficiently, safely, and more rapidly than with a traditional hard surface. Benefits health and wellness both physically and mentally by aiding in correcting: improper posture, spinal stabilization, offset balance, muscle coordination, poor circulation, lack of energy, sluggish metabolism.

High-quality invisible-joint PVC material provides dependable and long lasting durability with a weight-bearing load capacity of over 2000 pounds. Dense skin with anti-burst technology is comfortable against both skin and clothes for reliable durability and comfort with any body type. Resilient material engineered not to sag, slack, or dull out under heavy user over long lengths of time. Stable under a variety of stresses and pressures for the highest in dependable safety for all kinds of exercises.

Targeted workouts achieve the desired body physique in both a faster and safer manner with exercises that fit your routine and lifestyle. Great for all kinds of stretches both pre and post workout to reach maximum muscle elasticity, providing you with a more productive exercise routine. Take traditional strength training to an enhanced level practiced by the highest level of professional athletes, trainers, and bodybuilders. Multitudes of uses and benefits to sculpt and tone desired muscles faster and more efficiently. Specifically designed to get the most out of every exercise for: abdominal muscles, Yoga, deep pelvic muscles, lower back muscles, physical therapy, posture correction and balance building.

Brand: PhaMeDoc

Model: Anti-Burst Fitness Ball

Condition: New

Packaging: Retail

What you get:

Anti-Burst Fitness Ball

Product Features

  • PREMIUM EXERCISE BALL W/ 2000 LBS LOAD CAPACITY - Tested to withstand various body sizes & shapes.
  • GREAT WORKOUT EQUIPMENT FOR REHABILITATION - Stability Ball for flexibility & losing weight fast.
  • BEST Swiss BALL For: 30 Day Squat Challenge, Squats, Lunges, Pushups, Planks, Dips, & Stretching.
  • HIGH-QUALITY PUMP & TRAVEL BAG - Easy storage to take this travel workout equipment on the road.