Peterhof 7-Piece Anti-Bacterial Coated Color Knife Set

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$ 57.99



Food preparation can be a chore when you don't have the right tools for the job. Slicing, dicing and chopping are made simple thanks to the ergonomic design of the Peterhof 7-Piece Knife Set. Containing 7 essential knives, this set provides a solid foundation for starting cooks and offers a great way for accomplished chefs to add utility to an existing collection.

Each stainless steel blade is sharpened to a supremely sharp edge that will slice through anything in your kitchen and retain its sharpness for years. A non-stick, anti-bacterial ceramic coating is then applied which is extremely inhibitive to the growth of bacteria and germs.

Brand: Peterhof


Condition: New


What you get:

1 x Ceramic Peeler

1 x Pizza Knife

1 x Cheese Knife

1 x Utility Knife

1 x Slicer Knife

1 x Santoku Knife

1 x Wine Opener

Product Features

  • Ideal for professionals and beginners alike
  • Seven knives essential to any professional or at home chef
  • Anti-bacterial coating makes knives safer for food preparation
  • Blades are diamond ceramic coated making them non-stick
  • Stainless Steel blade composition for long lasting and durable performance
  • Smooth razor sharp edge delivers perfect, smooth clean cuts every time
  • Color coded handles and blades for usage distinction
  • Ergonomic comfort grip handles reduce physical strain
  • Includes wine opener with cover
  • Will not taint food with metallic taste
  • Easy to clean; dishwasher friendly