Oralgen NuPearl PRO Advanced Teeth Whitening System with Bonus Pen-Daily Steals

Oralgen NuPearl PRO Advanced Teeth Whitening System with Bonus Pen

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Brand: Oralgen

Model: NuPearl PRO

Condition: New

Warranty: 30 Day Warranty

Packaging: Retail

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For those looking for a professional yet affordable at-home whitening system for their teeth to achieve a beautiful, confident smile - ORALGEN NuPearl PRO Advanced teeth whitening is for you. The NuPearl PRO Advanced is a revolutionary whitening system that uses LED light technology and whitening gel to help produce visibly whiter teeth.

Let your smile shine with Oralgen NuPearl Advanced Teeth Whitening. While most teeth whitening systems simply bleach teeth to conceal stains, NuPearl uses patented anionic cleaning technology that has been clinically demonstrated in a 50 participant study to whiten teeth 8.3 shades immediately after 14 cycles over seven days.

NuPearl works by actually lifting the stains for long-lasting results. NuPearl Advanced Teeth Whitening is a 100% vegan, peroxide-free botanical formula containing no sulfates, GMOs, gluten, or artificial colors or flavors, making it perfect for those with sensitive teeth. The LED mouthpiece allows you to whiten both top and bottom simultaneously in as little as 10 minutes per cycle. Stop hiding your smile and let it shine with Oralgen NuPearl Advanced Teeth Whitening System.

Please Note: Use as directed. If irritation or sensitivity occurs, discontinue use. These effects are generally mild, temporary, and not harmful. If you are in need of dental work, have dental work, or have staining from medication, ask your dentist if a whitening product is appropriate for you. Intended for natural teeth only, will not whiten caps, crowns, veneers, fillings, or dentures. Avoid contact of gel with eyes, clothes, leather, or fabric. Do not use if pregnant or lactating. Not a substitute for regular dental visits. Keep out of reach of children. Not intended for use with children under the age of 12. Results are temporary - re-treatments are necessary to maintain results. Testing subjects refrained from smoking and consuming any coffee, cola drinks, grape juice or other drinks or foods that stain teeth during treatment. Store in a cool, dry place.


Ingredients: Gel and Pen Ingredients: Glycerin, sodium bicarbonate, chondrus crispus (carrageenan) powder, xylitol, sorbitol, aqua, mentha piperita (peppermint) oil, vaccinium macrocarpon (cranberry) seed oil, aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice, anthemis nobilis (chamomile) flower extract, cocamidopropyl betaine, limonene (natural flavor).




30 Day Warranty


  • Specialized NuBright LED technology covers both visible and non-visible teeth for advanced whitening
  • Professional results with patented formula
  • Gentle on enamel
  • Virtually no tooth sensitivity
  • Light peppermint flavor/scent



What you get:

  • One [1] NuBright LED mouthpiece
  • One [1] Case
  • One [1] Whitening gel refill syringes
  • One [1] Additional syringes
  • One [1] Whitening pen