OBD-II Auto Diagnostic Scanner with iOS/Android Compatibility

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$ 39.99



Determine whether the check-engine light in your car is on for a serious reason with the aid of this scanner; display results on an iOS or Android device.

Check Out the Check-Engine Light

You can plug this scanner into your car's OBD-II port (normally on the driver's side, under the dashboard) to see why your car's check-engine light has come on. If there's a problem that requires a trip to the mechanic, then you're better informed when you take your car in.

How It Works

    • Plug into OBD-II port (on all cars manufactured in 1996 model year and after)
    • Connect via WiFi to your cell phone, tablet, or PC
    • Code appears on the screen

    Codes Could Include:

        • Airflow rate
        • Engine RPM
        • Fuel system issues

    Brand: Generic

    Model: OBD-II Auto Diagnostic Scanner

    Condition: New

    Packaging: Retail

    What you get:

    OBD-II Auto Diagnostic Scanner with iOS/Android Compatibility

    Product Features

    • Comes with software CD
    • Compatible with smartphones, PCs, and iOS/Android devices
    • Works with all cars with 1996 or later model year and some 1994 and 1995 models
    • Includes more than 3,000 generic codes and manufacturer-specific codes
    • Dimensions: 3"x1"x3"
    • Weight: 2.4oz.