Nuvita Touch Screen Cooking Thermometer

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Grilling is an art form. Often, raw meats and veggies transform into delicious works of art that sends your taste buds raving. But every master griller knows that the right temperature is everything. That's why the Nuvita Oven & BBQ Touchscreen Digital Meat Thermometer is designed to do one job perfectly, that is to assist you in cooking your food to exactly what you want without having to check it, or guess how long, or worse to overcook anything ever again.

Touch Screen operation Preset temperatures to perfectly cook Chicken, Turkey, Ham, Pork and Fish - Preset temperatures for Rare, Medium Rare, Medium, and Well Done for Beef, Lamb, and Veal - Programable mode so you can set your own specific temperature - Loud Clear Alarm - On/Off switch located on back of Thermometer - Fahrenheit or Celsius settings, controlled on touchscreen - Stainless Steel Probe and braided wire connection, overall length 48" - THERMOMETER/TIMER switch on back of thermometer so can also be used as a Countdown Timer - For use at home in the Oven - For use outside for the grill or BBQ - For use in stove stop cooking for boiling water or even candy making. Anywhere that accurate temperature control is required - Has its own clip out stand - Has two magnets on the back to stick onto Oven or BBQ (not in direct heat) - Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included).

Brand: iDevices

Model: Nuvita

Condition: New

Packaging: Hassle Free

What you get:

Nuvita Touch Screen Cooking Thermometer

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Product Features

  • PRESET TEMPERATURES for cooking to perfection, takes all the worry out of cooking your favorite meats. Cook chicken and turkey to perfection. Cook lamb and beef to rare, or medium rare, or medium, or well done, set to your preference. Self-programmable setting.
  • TOUCH SCREEN. No clunky buttons, touch screen operation. Loud and clear alarm to tell when the food is perfectly cooked. Never waste another meal again.
  • EASY. Just select your meat (chicken, turkey, pork, beef, lamb, veal, or fish) then select the cooking preference. Then set the alarm. Use the on/off switch on the back as a timer.
  • NO GUESSING. It's all preset settings with a leave in thermometer. Make perfect meals with ease, for medium rare lamb, choose lamb on digital screen, then choose your preference, medium rare, and when it starts beeping take it out of the oven. WahLa! It's that simple.