Motorola Power Pack Micro Keychain for Micro-USB Devices (Black)

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The Motorola Motorola Power Pack Micro is your take-along power source to charge your phone while on the go. Carry it in your pocket or attach it to your key ring. The Motorola Connect app can even send a notification to your cell phone when power is running low. And, should your phone or keys become misplaced, use the Motorola key link feature to help you find them.

Motorola Keylink
When connected (after a quick one-time pairing process), you can at any time open up the Motorola Connect app to see how much capacity the Power Pack Micro has left.

You can also locate either your phone or the Power Pack Micro if you've misplaced one, so long as it's within Bluetooth range. Just like other Bluetooth trackers, you can use the Motorola Connect app again to audibly ping your Power Pack Micro (and therefore your attached keys, more importantly) and see its last-known location on a map, or double tap the button on the Power Pack Micro to ping your phone instead.

Brand: Motorola


Condition: New

Packaging: Retail

What you get:

Motorola Power Pack Micro Keychain for Micro-USB Devices

Product Features

  • Small size, lets you carry it on your key ring or in a pocket
  • Receive notification to your phone with Motorola Connect app to let you know power is running low
  • Built-in Motorola Keylink feature helps find your phone or keys if they ever get lost