Mophie Powerstand iPad Docking Station (30 pin)

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The Mophie Powerstand for iPad (30 pin) is an aluminum stand for a 4th generation iPad. It has a multi-axis design that allows you to situate your iPad at virtually any angle so you can comfortably watch movies, read books, use FaceTime, or type emails. The stand also leaves the tablet's built-in camera open for use. Since it rotates 180-degrees, you can view your iPad in either portrait or landscape mode. The dual-hinge design allows you to adjust the height of the stand, and the included power adapter lets you power your iPad. The base of the stand features lighted logos, which also serve as power indicators.

iPad Not Included.

Brand: Mophie

Model: Mophie Powerstand iPad Docking Station (30 pin)

Condition: New Open Box

Packaging: Retail Packaged

What you get:

Mophie Powerstand

Power Adapter


Product Features

  • Multi-axis design allows for many different viewing angles
  • Rotates 180-degrees for portrait or landscape mode
  • Dual-hinge design adapts to any height
  • Stand doesn't cover the built-in camera
  • Lighted mophie logos on the base also serve as power indicators
  • Included power adapter allows you to power your iPad