Monster Essentials 410 4-Outlets Surge Protector

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Monster Power Protects Your Gear.

Power surges can be serious. Protect your electronics from storms and surges with Monster Power. The 4-outlet 410 Surge Protector features 540 Joules of power protection. You won't find a better value than Monster Essentials.

About Monster
Speakers are key when listening to music, but what about the cable connected to those speakers? Until Monster came along, no one had thought about how those cables could damper sound quality. Engineer Noel Lee, who was also a drummer, figured it out, and he set to work developing a cable that would ring true. It was a quick hit, and Monster grew to provide cables and other accessories for high-quality home sound enjoyment. Monster’s true claim to fame, however, was helping to launch the Beats brand. It was Monster’s unique infrastructure and advanced engineering that propelled Beats headphones and earphones to the top of the line. Though Monster and Beats have since gone their separate ways, Monster has continued to charge along, with its own line of headphones, a wide range of cables and speakers, and power solutions for both homes and mobile phones.

Brand: Monster

Model: Essentials 410

Condition: New

Packaging: Retail

What you get:

4-Outlets Surge Protector

Product Features

  • Surge protector for electronic devices
  • Help protect expensive TV sets, video game consoles, and computers from electrical damage
  • Expand household outlets to hold more plugs
  • Four outlets
  • 540 joules of protection
  • Heavy-duty 2.5ft. power cord