Mobeego Battery Pack - Double Shot 1 + 2 Batteries

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Mobeego: power up your phone with style! While others are carrying with them bulky power banks that may face exactly the same problem with the phone (run out of battery and no plug around!), you can have your portable, compact, ultra light and stylish Mobeego always within arm's reach!

Mobeego is perfect for concerts, camping, traveling and more! How does it work? It's simple! In the package you will find a battery and specially-designed phone adaptor. You attach the two together, and then you just connect it to your phone. Instant juice! So fast, so easy!

Mobeego note: While the battery is disposable (yet, recyclable), the adaptor is reusable! keep it in your wallet for future uses! This amazing battery can be stored for up to 10 years without losing its power. Bee different!

Mobeego Single Shot Lightning Starter Kit consists of two disposable Mobeego battery cans and a reusable adaptor for your iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5, 5C or 5S.

Brand: Mobeego

Model: Battery Pack

Condition: New

Packaging: Hassle-Free

What you get:

(2) Batteries


Product Features

  • No extra cables or wires: Instantly charge your smartphone wherever you are and whenever you want!
  • Mobeego is Eco-friendly: The battery is recyclable - the adaptor is reusable. Keep it in your wallet or attach it to your key holder for future use.
  • Mobeego is a MUST HAVE for your emergency kit: up to 4 hours of extended battery life and it can be stored up to 10 years without any power leaking.
  • No more bulky power banks: the Mobeego is so compact and lightweight that you can always have one with you.
  • How does it work? Simple! In the package you will find a battery and a specially designed smartphone adaptor - attach the two together, and then connect it to your smartphone. Instant juice!