MiLocks Digital Deadbolt Door Lock with Keypad and Remote Control

$ 69.99

$ 139.99



This MiLocks electronic deadbolt features a keypad which can store up to 10 different user codes and accepts up to 10 radio frequency remote controls that work up to 30 feet away (without obstructions). If you own more than one MiLocks remote control lock you are able to program one remote to control all of them! Want to delete a user's simple programming has made adding and deleting users a walk in the park.

One remote and two traditional keys are included with every remote control door lock.

This keyless entry door lock uses a common kW1 keyway making it possible for a locksmith to re-key it to match your existing key. No more extra keys, no more tucking a key under the mat, simply add a code or share a remote and give keyless access instantly. This electronic deadbolt is also smartphone compatible by integrating into your insteon home automation system or as a standalone smartphone control lock using the morninglinc.

Brand: MiLocks

Model: Digital Deadbolt Door Lock

Condition: New

Packaging: Retail

What you get:

Digital Deadbolt Door Lock


Remote Control

Product Features

  • Keyless keypad entry - add up to 10 keypad users.
  • Remote control entry - add to 10 remote controls.
  • Multi-lock control - 1 remote can be programmed to multiple locks.
  • Easy programming - simple keypad and remote programming procedure adds or deletes users in seconds.
  • Smartphone control - smartphone compatible using insteon home automation system.