Men's Polar Extreme Brushed Thermal 7x Warmer Black Insulated Winter Boot Socks - 2 Pairs

$ 14.99

$ 39.99



These Polar Extreme thermal socks are seven times warmer than regular cotton and cotton blend socks. They are insulated in soft material, made from yarn with excellent heat retaining ability. They are also good at moisture management, keeping your feet dry. So don't get cold feet as colder weather sets in. Be ready, be warm, and be comfortable.

Brand: Polar Extreme


Condition: New


What you get:

2 Pairs of Winter Boot Socks

Product Features

  • Color: Black
  • 7x warmer than regular cotton sock
  • Heavily brushed lining for softness & warmth
  • Long looped thermal pile & extra-long cushion pile
  • Fits Men's shoe size 6-12, sock size 10-13