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Make a Mega Dude Action Shooter Game in Unity with Pixel Art-

Make a Mega Dude Action Shooter Game in Unity with Pixel Art

Brand: Shop Hacker

Product Type: Digital Course

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Course Description:

This course was funded by a wildly successful Kickstarter.

Join Mammoth Interactive step-by-step in building a fully featured game from scratch. We show you how to make all the code and art for the game.

Our experienced instructors Kevin Liao and Glauco Pires explain everything from a beginner level. That means you don't need any prior coding or digital art experience!

Glauco Pires takes you through the process of coding a game in Unity from scratch. Kevin Liao teaches you how to create all the artistic elements you will need to complete the game. Kevin will teach this section of the course in MagicaVoxel and Photoshop to make original art.

The beauty of taking an online course like this is the ability to replay any of the lectures at any time. There is no time limit or final tests. You get to learn at your own pace with a practical model method of learning.

This course is project-based, so you will not waste time on useless coding practices. We feel that project-based training content is the best way to get from A to B. Taking this course means that you learn practical, employable skills immediately.

Learning how to code is a great way to jump in a new career or enhance your current career. Coding is the new math and learning how to code will propel you forward for any situation. Learn it today and get a head start on tomorrow. People who can master technology will rule the future.

What Will I Learn?

  • Build a platform shooter game in Unity.
  • Learn the fundamentals of game design.
  • Create artwork in MagicaVoxel and Photoshop.
  • Code in C#.


  • Unity 2017.1.0f3 (for game set-up and coding)
  • MagicaVoxel and Photoshop (for creating art)
  • This course was recorded on a Mac computer, but you can use a PC.

Who is the target audience?

  • Complete beginners. No prior coding or digital art skills necessary.
  • People who want to make games.

Make a Mega Dude Action Shooter Game in Unity with Pixel Art

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