Lumo Lift - The First Wearable Posture Coach

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Model: The First Wearable Posture Coach

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Brand: Lumo BodyTech

What you get:

One (1) Lumo Lift Wearable Posture Coach

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The Importance of Posture
Your posture affects everything from your health, appearance, communication, mood and even productivity. Poor posture is the leading cause of back pain, which is the most common reason for missed work days, lost productivity and costly doctors bills. Outside of health, your posture plays a large role in the way others view you, as well as impacting your mood and energy levels. The simple act of straightening up your posture and pulling your shoulders back can make a positive change in your life and help you put your best foot forward, all the time.

How the Tech Works
The Lumo Lift is a small, lightweight device that is worn just below your collarbone for posture coaching and activity tracking. Using angle displacement as a measure, our patented biomechanics monitoring sensors in the device allow for the Lumo Lift to know when your body slouches away from what you’ve calibrated as your standard of good posture. The Lumo Lift will alert you of slouching with a gentle vibration as a reminder to straighten back up. As the technology relies on body motion tracking, the Lumo Lift is best worn on snug fitting shirts that allow the sensor to stay close to your body.

Get Better Posture
Teach your Lumo Lift what good posture looks like to you, and it will make sure that you maintain beautiful, confident posture all day long through subtle vibrations whenever you slouch.

Haptic Feedback
Get real-time feedback on your posture and activity levels to motivate you to sit up straighter and to get up and move more.

Track Your Progress
Keep track of your posture and activity progress over time through the companion Lumo Lift app. Get insights into your posture hours, step count, distance travelled and calories burned.

The Lumo Lift App
Get the compatible Lumo Lift app on iOS 10 or above, or Android 5.0 or above, to customize your posture coaching experience, as well as track your progress over time.