Liger XS300 Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone

$ 17.99

$ 29.99



Having issues with your headphones while doing exercises or do you constantly have to re-adjust your earbuds while running, or have you ever smashed your phone while lifting weights? Liger XS300 Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds are your best choice. They stay firmly in your ears. The ear hooks and canal-shaped earbuds make these headsets steady in sporting conditions. They are comfortable. Designed with auricle shaped ear hook and rubber coating. These earbuds fit in your ears very well. They are noise-isolating. They block most noises around you and give you your personal space in the midst of a crowd. Easy functionality with playback, next song, volume up & down, picking up & hanging up phone calls. They even allow you to call back the last call! Great for the everyday athlete.

Brand: Liger

Model: XS300

Condition: New


What you get:

Liger XS300 Sport Bluetooth Headphone

Micro USB Charge Cable

3 Size Eartips

User Manual

Product Features

  • EASY FUNCTIONALITY controls are on the earpiece. Built-in Microphone. Functions like power on/off button, answering/ending calls, call-waiting, mute, volume adjustment, play/pause, and skipping/shuffling songs.
  • COMFORTABLE. Never a burden to the ears. Rubber coating is comfortable to touch and wear, soft and skin friendly. Ergonomically designed, the ear hooks make the headsets fit your ear perfectly. Along with their rubber coating, these headsets hardly cause foreign body sensation when wearing. Friction has been reduced to a minimum on the condition that the earbuds can fit in ears firmly when doing sports and other high intensity activities.
  • HD SOUND: Perfectly transfer HD music. Super sound performance. Built-in microphone. Detailed voice instructions to guide you for easy using.
  • 4.1 BLUETOOTH CONNECTION supports multi-connection that allows for simultaneous use of the headphones with two mobile phones, recently updated Bluetooth with enhancements in coexistence, better high quality connections, and improved faster data transfer. Reconnects automatically when they are in proximity of one another. These wireless headphones can connect to iPhone 6 6Plus 5S 5C 5 4S, Galaxy Note 3 2 S4 S3 and Google, Blackberry, LG other Smartphones.
  • CHARGE. Built-in rechargeable Lithium-poly battery. Micro USB to USB charging cable. Has a LED light indicator which turns red when charging and will turn blue when fully charged.