Learn By Example : Selenium for Automated Web Testing-

Learn By Example : Selenium for Automated Web Testing

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Course Description:

Hours of Content: 6


  • A basic understanding of web programming, HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc


Selenium is a specialized, easy-to-use framework for automating interactions with web browsers, whether it’s to test the functionality of web apps that you’ve developed or to automate boring and repetitive tasks or to perform activities like scraping websites.

In this course, we’ll be working with Selenium’s Java API to test browser functionality and automate tasks using nearly 45 solved examples of use cases you might encounter on a regular basis. We’ll look at scenarios like

1) scraping websites for specific elements identified by HTML tags, CSS selectors
2) Testing User interactions of all kinds as click, entering text, drag and drop, selecting from dropdowns
3) Automating Browser Navigation and Handling cookies
4) Switching between your main browser window and pop-up alerts, embedded iframes
5) Interacting with HTML5 based elements like video players
6) and Parallelly running tests across multiple browsers and platforms from your local machine using Selenium Grid
Selenium makes automating all the tasks we’ve mentioned very straightforward but as your tasks get more and more sophisticated you’ll want to use best practices to structure your code. We’ll talk about the Page Object Model design pattern and how you can use it to design testing scripts that are easy to maintain.

Who is the target audience?

  • Yep! Students who have a basic understanding of web programming and are looking to learn how to test web applications
  • Yep! Students who are looking to automate repetitive tasks in Web Programming

Learn By Example : Selenium for Automated Web Testing

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