Kitchen Utensil Pink Pot Clips - 2 Pack

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A must have kitchen accessory for any cook. Give yourself the gift of no more dirty and cluttered countertops! The first-of-its-kind Kitchen Utensil Pot Clip attaches directly to the pot or pan edge and holds utensils in place while cooking, allowing residue to drip into the pot rather than onto the stove or countertop. The flexible opening is designed to fit all tool handle shapes. Silicone and stainless steel materials are high heat resistant.

Brand: Generic

Model: AC-1068

Condition: New

Packaging: Retail

What you get:

2 Pack - Kitchen Utensil Pink Pot Clips

Product Features

  • Unique clip-on utensil rest; keeps utensils above stockpots and saucepans
  • Keeps stove top clean by allowing utensils to drip in pot
  • Heat resistant; dishwasher safe
  • Modern design
  • Great gadget for your kitchen