Jack and Jones Striped Polo Short Sleeve (Men's)

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They're retro. They're casual. They're easy to pair with your wardrobe. Smarten up with one of these Jack & Jones polo shirts in a variety of colors. Ok, fine. Not a huge variety. Just pink and blue. But, the price. It's dare we say: "A STEAL"

European brands tend to run a little bit smaller than US brands so please order accordingly. Please review images of product to see size chart. 

Who is Jack & Jones?

Jack and Jones is a very well known Brand in Europe and Asia. You can see more about them at Jack & Jones Website. To save you time, here is a quick snapshot from their About Us Section:

The story of JACK & JONES begins in 1990 when BESTSELLER sends a young, fiery soul to the Oslo fashion fair with a modest, but carefully chosen collection aimed at young men. The reception exceeds all expectations and the creation of a new menswear brand is a reality.

In the following years JACK & JONES manifests itself as one of the strongest jeans brands on the market and within a few years, the brand has several hundred stores.

Today JACK & JONES is one of Europe’s leading producers of menswear with more than one thousand stores in 38 countries and JACK & JONES clothes are sold by thousands of wholesale partners all over the world.

Jeans are still regarded as the backbone of JACK & JONES’ business. We continue to have a high level of expertise when it comes to the craftsmanship, quality and design of jeans, but JACK & JONES is nowadays defined and represented by five unique brands: JACK & JONES VINTAGE CLOTHING, PREMIUM by JACK & JONES, ORIGINALS by JACK & JONES, CORE by JACK & JONES and JACK & JONES TECH.

The brands are designed by independent design teams, each one of them with their own ideas, concepts and designs. They all offer a full range of clothes, accessories and footwear for every man and every occasion.

Brand: Jack & Jones


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What you get:

Jack & Jones Short Sleeve Polo

Product Features

  • Regular fit
  • Cotton Material ensures comfortable wear
  • Diamond and Striped pattern for a casual yet stylish look