iPanda 2,200mAh Credit Card Universal Portable Charger

$ 9.99

$ 24.99



The iPanda 2,200 mAh Credit Card Universal Portable Charger will be your new best friend. It's slim, powerful, and could save your life when your phone dies and you absolutely need it! No need for carrying around USB cables, being near an outlet, or carrying a bag or purse in order to fit our portable charger. Just slip this in your pocket and whip it out whenever you need it!

Brand: iPanda

Model: 2,200mAh

Condition: New

Packaging: Retail

What you get:

Credit Card Universal Portable Charger

Micro-USB Charging Cable

Micro-to-Lightning Adapter

Product Features

  • Rechargeable 2200mAh Samsung lithium-Ion battery.
  • USB output and Micro-USB input.
  • Micro-USB charging cable and Micro-to-Lightning adapter included.
  • Power and convenience are packed into a surprisingly small size.
  • Fits perfectly in your wallet!
  • Charge your portable devices on the move.
  • Overcharge, under discharge, over-current, overheating, and short circuit protection LED battery indicator will let you know when the flash charger is charged and discharged.
  • Compatible with iPhone , iPod , iPad , Blackberry, Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, Droid, Kindle, Nook, and most e-readers, tablets.