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Tired of spending all day scraping ice off your windshield for countless hours when you could be building snowmen or making snow angels? If that answer is yes the Heated Ice Scraper is the perfect product for you. Simply plug into cigarette lighter and begin scraping your windshield.

Attached rubber scraper melts ice and scrapes windshield instantly at the touch without scratching the glass. Equipped with rubber handle with high raised nodules equipped for gripping and comfort. Durable design equipped for all weather types. No longer will you have to fuss around with in the ice, it simply melts away in seconds.


Model: Heated Ice Scraper

Condition: New


What you get:

Heated Ice Scraper

Product Features

  • Built-in heating element.
  • 12-volt power supply, on/off switch.
  • 2.5m/8.25 power cord enables reach you to reach all windows and mirrors.