Hand Held Cordless Sewing Machine

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The perfect sewing machine for quick patches and fixes for virtually any material or fabric. Use with denim, cotton, silk, nylon, polyester, rubber and so much more. Cordless and battery powered our handheld sewing machine is the perfect companion for travel or home use. Perfect for college dorm rooms or apartments. Save space without compromising on power with this handy little wonder. Hem pants, repair fabric or drapes; sew holes and rips in your favorite pants, dresses, jackets, or jeans. Stop wasting money throwing out perfectly good clothing and discover how easy it is to make repairs at home. Make simple alterations and customize your clothing easily and safely with this easy to use portable sewing machine. Perfect for arts and crafts, patchwork, or simple embroidery. Portable sewing machine includes free bonus spindle, needle threader, two extra needles and three bobbins.

Brand: Generic

Model: Cordless Sewing Machine

Condition: New

Packaging: Retail

What you get:

Cordless Portable Sewing Machine

Bonus Spindle

Needle Threader

Extra Needles

3 Bobbins


Product Features

  • HANDHELD SEWING MACHINE: Portable & Powerful Handheld Sewing Machine perfect for sewing quick fixes.
  • BATTERY POWERED CORDLESS SEWING MACHINE: Ideal for both travel & home. Make sewing repairs anywhere.
  • PERFECT FOR QUICK REPAIRS: Hem pants, repair fabric or drapes, holes & rips. Great for Arts & Crafts.
  • SEWS THROUGH VIRTUALLY ANY MATERIAL: Use with Denim, Cotton, Silk, Nylon and Polyester.