Gillette Fusion Power Phenom Razor - 3 Pack

$ 24.99

$ 74.99



Gillette Fusion Power Razor is the first razor to bring advanced electronics to wet shaving and the first shaving system for men that combines revolutionary blade technologies on the front and on the back of a single shaving cartridge to deliver the best shave.


  • 3x Fusion Power Phenom Razor
  • Reduced Pressure
  • Reduced Irritation and Added Comfort
  • 5-Blade Shaving Surface
  • Precision Trimmer Blade on Back
  • Battery Powered Vibration

Brand: Gillette

Model: Fusion Power Phenom

Condition: New

Packaging: Retail

What you get:

3 Packs of Gillette Fusion Power Phenom

Package Contents: 1 Razor, 1 Cartridge, 1 Battery, 1 Storage Stand

Product Features

  • Five-blade shaving surface features a patented on-board micro-chip to optimize performance by regulating voltage and frequency.
  • 1 Precision Trimmer built into the back of the cartridge; perfect for those tricky places.
  • Flexible comfort guard carefully follows the contours of the face.
  • Enhanced indicator Lubrastrip signals when it's time to change the blade; included one "AAA" battery.