Enhance NightLux LTN Portable LED Lantern with Remote Control

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This outdoor friendly lantern offers 360 degrees of area filling light. The lantern is equipped with 12 bright LED lights and 95 lumens, never leaving you in the dark. The lantern operates using three AA batteries (NOT included) and has a runtime of up to 10 hours. A simple twist release system under the lantern also allows for easy battery replacement.

This lantern is built to withstand the outdoors. A large rotating carrying handle and palm grip give you the confidence of a non-slip hold. It also includes a sturdy fold out hanging clip on the handle for positioning. With rubberized feet, rest assured this lantern will stay firmly in place. The lantern also looks great with a stainless steel finish and green accents.

Power up the lantern manually or using the wireless remote control. The compact remote enables you to turn the lamp on and off from anywhere within 38 feet. Whether you're snuggled up in a sleeping bag or warm by the fire, the wireless remote allows you to power the lantern without getting up. It also comes with a hanging clip to hook onto a belt loop, backpack, or tree branch. Additionally, the red LED light on the remote will flash when in use.

Brand: Accessory Power

Model: Enhance NightLux LTN

Condition: New - 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Packaging: Retail

What you get:

Portable LED Lantern with Remote Control

Product Features

  • Powerful area filling light with 12 LED lights and 95 lumens.
  • Powered manually or with the wireless remote control with carrying clip.
  • Remote works up to 38 feet away.
  • Weather-ready design with rotating carrying handle, rubberized palm grip , built in hanging clip and rugged stainless steel finish.