Leather Wallet with iPhone 6/6s Plus Case by Danny P.

$ 34.99

$ 129.99



We don't make compromises. Period. That's why we took the finest leather we could find and designed this elegant wallet. Not only does it style you up and accommodates your banknotes and credit cards, it's also highly functional - the fully-fledged iPhone 6 Plus case that comes with it protects your phone while the wallet stays slim and minimalistic. We craft it with precise, traditional manufacturing techniques, resulting in a wallet that looks great and works even better. Not only does your iPhone fit perfectly into the wallet, it also remains functional. Thanks to our smart design, you can easily use Apple Pay without pulling out your phone. Simply put your thumb on Touch ID and pay. When iPhone 6 Plus was introduced, we took it as a challenge. Can we design a wallet that will accommodate it while not being too big? We could. “Love how they have made it thinner and easier to access both my money and credit cards,” said Steve who bought one.

Brand: Danny P.

Model: WC6PP

Condition: New

Packaging: Retail

What you get:

Leather Wallet with iPhone 6/6s Plus Case by Danny P.

Product Features

  • iPhone 6/6s Plus case (Apple Pay compatible)
  • 7 credit card slots
  • cash slot (fits USD, EUR or GBP banknotes)
  • slim design
  • top-quality Italian leather
  • dimensions are 6.81 x 4.13 x 0.43 inches (173x105x11 mm)