[Buy 2 Get 1 FREE] Parquet Mens Fancy Dress Socks

[Buy 2 Get 1 FREE] Parquet Mens Fancy Dress Socks
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Model: Parquet Men's Fancy Dress Socks

Condition: New

Warranty: 30 Day Warranty

Packaging: Retail


What you get:

Three [Buy 2 Get 1 FREE] Parquet Men's Fancy Dress Socks

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Please note: Each customer will recieve 3 pairs of Fancy Dress Socks in Assorted Styles. Just pay for 2, and get one pair FREE! Catch these before they sell out.

MATERIAL: These socks are made from 2% Spandex and 98% Polyester to improve the fit and strength of the item.

GENTLEMEN: we implore you to think about your socks in a whole new light, and give these accessories the attention they sorely deserve. Socks are without a doubt an easy and frankly, awesome way to add subtle boldness, personality, and panache to your day-to-day.

FASHION STYLE: Geometrics, triangles, stripes, diamonds, you name it, and you can find it on a sock. Patterned and printed socks are extremely popular right now, and definitely bring a little eye-catching finesse to your ankle area.

THE MILD CALF SOCKS: are essential for their functional benefits, such as preventing a distracting flash of skin while you're in the office, and their style-minded benefits, such as adding a pop of color or a pattern to your look with ease. These socks fit 10-13 size.
BRAND: Parquet

Product Features

    • Parquet Label
    • 2% Spandex + 98% Polyester
    • One size fits 10 - 13
    • Shoe Size 6 - 12.5
    • Machine wash warm, Tumble dry low
    • Customer will recieve three assorted style