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Breath Smart Roolen Ultrasonic Humidifier-Black-Daily Steals

Breath Smart Roolen Ultrasonic Humidifier

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Brand: Roolen

Model: Cool Mist Humidifier

Condition: New

Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

Packaging: Retail

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The most intelligent humidifier ever designed
Every component we create are precisely manufactured, to offer you the very best in design and functionality Breath was design from scratch we did not copy the competition, but designed every single part. Using the best material available from the small component on the circuit board to the misting mechanisms and the totally elegant design.

Allow 'roolen' to bring innovative products into your life
Tech is no longer for techies
Since the inception, our mission is to design unique and innovative products, that the marketplace has never seen, The design team at roolen are dedicated to deliver the best engineered product that deliver our customers a wonderful experience. Breath is the first of several products that we designed for you.

Saves energy
You will save energy and keep comfortable all the time.You may not even realize that Breath is working, but Breath is always there to ensure the perfect humidity level.

Small in size, big in capacity
It requires very little work to maintain a high standard of comfort at all times. Its unique performance allow you to fill it once every 24 hours, using the low mode setting.

High Efficiency
Functionality is key with performance that rivals the competition. Delivery the highest performance, we cost comparably lower power.

Auto Mode
When you select the automatic mode, it allows you a whole new user experience. Breath will detect the humidity level and adjust itself to give you the perfect humidity balance in the room!

One touch does everything
Forget about complicated control panels, just touch your Breath to select the Mode you desire to experience the perfect balance in your home.




1 Year Warranty


  • Increasing capacity up to 3 liters with same device size
  • Also, large fan provides higher efficiency
  • With unibody design, Roolen lets you operate the 2-mode-technology instinctively
  • Output: Low 180ml/h High 250ml/h
  • Working space: 400sq.ft.
  • Tank Valume: 0.83 gal
  • Voltage: 100-220v



What you get:

One [1] Breath Smart Roolen Ultrasonic Humidifier