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3dRudder - Foot Powered VR Gaming Motion Controller

Condition: New

Brand-new, unused and unopened item in its original packaging, with all original packaging materials included. Original manufacturer's warranty (if applicable) included.

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Virtual Reality

The 1st ever foot controller for PC games, VR & Accessibility. Winner of 3 CES ‰ÛÏInnovation Awards‰۝

A foot-powered controller to move in your VR or PC Games like you're in real life. Every day, you use your feet to walk, exercise, cycle or drive your car. With 3dRudder, you'll finally use your feet to move naturally in the Digital Worlds. Whether it's skiing, flying a starship or running from zombies, the 3dRudder will move your experience to the next level. Motion Sensors do the rest of the work for you, 3dRudder features highly sensitive sensors that capture your every movement. A regularly updated firmware turns those into responsive real-time moves. The 3dRudder dashboard lets you also configure and adjust your gaming experience with precision. Crafted with molded plastic and metal, your 3dRudder will withstand your gaming sessions for years.


Model: 3dRudder Foot Controller

Condition: New Retail - 2-year warranty

Packaging: New Retail

Brand: 3dRudder

What you get:

3dRudder Foot Powered VR Gaming Motion Controller

microUSB Type A (attached)

Quick-Start Guide & Warranty Information

Product Features

  • Plug in and set up in a few clicks - Play your favorite VR or PC game via gamepad? Well with 3dRudder, select gamepad mode in the 3dRudder Dashboard and your 3dRudder will be recognized by your PC as a second gamepad.
  • You can also turn the 3dRudder foot controller into a second keyboard or a joystick. Feel free to us is alone or combine it with your usual controller
  • Push, Tilt, Rotate to move the way you want - Sit down, step up and control your games with easy, effortless movements: push with your toes or heels to move forward or backward, tilt to the left or right to move sideways, rotate to turn around and apply an opposite pressure with your toes & heels to go up and down. A small or full movement will allow you to adjust your speed, all movements can be combined together. Also use to control the altitude of a plane or a starship, tilting the device upward will bring the nose of your vessel up.
  • Just grab yourself a comfortable seat, a PC, and your favorite VR - Fully compatible with all Windows PC systems, all you need to do is plug in, install the 3dRudder dashboard, install the latest firmware and Dashboard and be ready to enjoy an entirely new way to play games. For VR You'll need an Oculus Rift or a HTV Vive. The 3dRudder will also work with future Windows-based VR headsets.