[2-Pack] Digestive Advantage Fast Acting Enzymes + Daily Probiotic - 80 Capsules Total

Daily Steals-[2-Pack] Digestive Advantage Fast Acting Enzymes + Daily Probiotic - 80 Capsules Total-Enzymes + Daily Probiotic-
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Model: Fast Acting Enzymes + Daily Probiotic

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Two [2-Pack] Digestive Advantage Fast Acting Enzymes + Daily Probiotic - 80 Capsules Total

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Immediate relief from problem foods
Fast Acting Enzymes help to break down hard-to-digest carbohydrates found in problematic foods. It's often hard to avoid these foods in daily life. But Fast Acting Enzymes help stop intestinal gas before it starts providing immediate relief.

Survives Stomach Acid 100x Better
Survivability and delivery of probiotics to the intestines is one of the factors influencing overall product effect. That's why Digestive Advantage uses BC30 which is naturally protected by a protein shell to help it survive.

Once daily capsule for long term digestive benefits
One capsule contains 2 billion viable cells of BC30, Digestive Advantage's patented probiotic. With continued use, it helps lessen abdominal discomfort, bloating, and occasional diarrhea. The simple regiment of taking 1 capsule a day promotes long-term digestive and immune health.

Discover what happens in the body after taking Digestive Advantage probiotics
It's all about Survivability
The stomach is a harsh acidic environment where most good bacteria do not survive naturally. Digestive Advantage uses a uniquely formulated and patented probiotic called BC30 to survive these harsh conditions where others do not.

Speed up digestion of your favorite foods
Fast Acting Enzymes go to work breaking down those hard-to-digest foods and help prevent gas, giving immediate relief of abdominal discomfort. BC30, protected by its protein shell, survives the stomach and makes it way down into the intestines.

Long term digestive support
BC30 partners up with the good bacteria in the intestines which are more abundant here. Because it reaches your intestines alive, it is more effective at promoting long term digestive health.

Happier digestive & immune health
BC30 assists your body's natural good bacteria to help ward off bad bacteria. With this healthy amount of good bacteria, you can have a happier digestive & immune system that reduces common digestive issues such as bloating, diarrhea and abdominal discomfort.

How many capsules do I take?
We recommend everyone start out taking 1 capsule daily and monitor how your body responds. Some individuals may require 2-3 capsules depending on their intake of problem foods. Take some time to find the right balance for your body and your diet. DO NOT take more than 3 capsules daily.

Why pick Digestive Advantage?
Many probiotics don't survive through stomach acid in the gut, but Digestive Advantage does. In fact, it is scientifically proven to survive stomach acid 100x better than leading probiotics and yogurt*. So it can reach the intestines where it is needed to best promote digestive and immunity health.

*Based on median % survivability of Digestive Advantage probiotic vs. leading probiotic supplements and 19 probiotic yogurts in simulated gastric PH for 2 hours. From Study 'Comparison of % Survivability between Digestive Advantage & leading probiotics and yogurts by independent testing' - February 10, 2017

Product Features

    • Promotes long-term digestive and immune health with continued use
    • Fast acting digestive enzymes aid in the break down of hard-to-digest carbohydrates to help stop gas before it starts
    • Helps lessen minor abdominal discomfort, bloating and may help relieve occasional diarrhea
    • BC30, the probiotic in Digestive Advantage, survives stomach acid 100x better than leading probiotics and yogurts
    • No artificial flavors. Guaranteed for purity, freshness and labeled potency