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Premium Garden Scarecrow Owl-Daily Steals

Premium Garden Scarecrow Owl

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Model: Scarecrow Owl

Condition: New

Warranty: 30 Day Warranty

Packaging: Retail

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REALISTIC DESIGN – Designed with great attention to detail, our hand-painted life-like fake owl statue will help protect your flowers, fruit, and veggies from invading pests and rodents. The extremely detailed the statue will fool all birds and keep them away from your backyard. Unlike other cartoonish owl decoys, the briteNway premium scarecrow owl is the closest thing to a real owl you could possibly find.

NATURAL PREDATOR – Owls are nocturnal predators that prey on small mammals and birds, such as sparrows, pigeons, squirrels, rabbits, possums, raccoons, robins, swallows, crows, field mice, cardinals and many more. So if you are trying to protect your garden from any birds or pests, then our owl decoy will immediately scare them away with its hawk-like beak and frightening realistic eyes.


EASY TO INSTALL – You don’t have to be an expert at bird control to install our ergonomic and practical scarecrow owl decoy. You can simply install it on a high pole or stick if you want to protect taller trees from birds. The other option is to fill the hollow bottom with rocks or sand and place it on a strategic location somewhere in your garden, backyard or patio. This will increase its stability and make sure it keeps its balance even during a windy day.

PEACE OF MIND – By installing our owl pest deterrent you can finally rest assured that birds or rodents will not even come close to your flowers or plants. If you have a big garden or backyard, you may want to install 2 or even 3 briteNway scarecrow owls and make sure to cover every area. That way you will not have to waste effort or time trying to chase those pesky rodents away!

WORKS FOR ALL BIRDS & PESTS - Are you sick and tired of bird droppings on your patio or front porch? Do you need an efficient solution? The BRITENWAY realistic scarecrow owl decoy will scare away all pigeons, doves, robins, swallows, sparrows, cardinals, crows, woodpeckers, field mice, squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, and possums!

HEAVY-DUTY SCARECROW OWL - Unlike flimsy scarecrow owl statues, the briteNway life-like owl decoy is designed to pass the test of time. The ultradurable plastic construction combined with the handpainted colors will make sure that your garden protector will last for many years. This outdoor scarecrow fake owl statue is weather-proof and water-proof, so not even rain can damage its true-to-life design briteNway.

YOUR GARDEN PROTECTOR - Every single briteNway product undergoes extensive testing in order to ensure its durability and effectiveness. This pest control scarecrow owl decoy is an easy yet highly effective preventative measure against birds and pests. No more harmful chemicals, no more flimsy wires. Simply install the briteNway scarecrow owl figure and say goodbye to rodents, birds, and pest once and for all!




30 Day Warranty


  • KEEP ALL PESTS & BIRDS AWAY EFFORTLESSLY – Unlike other low-quality scarecrow owl decoys that provide no protection against rodents or pests, the briteNway premium garden scarecrow owl will help you keep your porch, backyard or terrace safe from all annoying birds and smaller mammals. Now you don’t have to worry about pigeons making a mess on your balcony or squirrels roaming freely on your deck. Our realistic owl decoy will offer you that much-needed protection and peace of mind.
  • HAND-PAINTED & REALISTIC PEST REPELLANT – Our scarecrow owl garden protector is realistic enough to frighten almost all birds, rodents and pests. The hand-painted colors and details combined with the life-like design will keep pests off your property. This true-to-life owl figurine features the emblematic hawk-like beak, binocular-vision scary eyes and extremely-detailed feathers in order to create a frightening and predatory look.
  • PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY IN JUST 5 MINUTES – You can easily install the briteNway exclusive scarecrow owl decoy by placing it on a stick or pole thanks to its hollow bottom. In addition, you can stuff it with rocks or sand and place it anywhere in your garden, backyard, terrace, front porch, balcony, front yard or garage. Once filled, the owl statue can endure any abuse without losing its balance.
  • A NOCTURNAL NATURAL PREDATOR TO THE RESCUE – Now you don’t have to worry about squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, possums, sparrows, swallows, robins, cardinals, pigeons, crows or field mice any more. The robust and terrifying briteNway realistic scarecrow owl will keep all those irritating birds and pests away day and night. You can rest assured that the colors will not fade away thanks to the elite craftsmanship. Plus, it’s an eye-catching addition to your garden décor!



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One [1] Premium Garden Scarecrow Owl