Wilfa Precision Automatic Coffee Brewer-Aluminum-Daily Steals

Wilfa Precision Automatic Coffee Brewer

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Brand: Wilfa

Model: WSP-1

Condition: New

Warranty: One Year Warranty

Packaging: Retail

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Modern coffee brewer for modern drip coffee Nordic coffee tradition – redefined We love our coffee in the Nordic region, and the coffee maker is at the very heart of our traditions. It is the first appliance we turn on in the morning, and the last to be turned off before bedtime. To many, the first cup of the day is almost a religious ritual, a moment where everything is centred around that steaming hot cup in our hands, before the hassles of everyday life take hold and we are on our way. A simple, honest brew we can’t stand the taste of before we come of age, and which we later can’t seem to live without. At Wilfa, we know coffee. You could almost say it runs in our blood – over the last 50 years we’ve contributed to millions of big and small “coffee moments”. We have seen the trends develop, from big mugs bearing the words “World’s greatest dad”, to small, thick-bottomed cups with Italian writing printed on them. Automatic filter brewer with precise temperature and water control. Precise heating system delivers water at 197º-205ºF temperature, which is the optimal temperature for coffee brewing. Detachable water reservoir with marked measurements for water to coffee ground ratio. Flow control: adjust the flow rate of coffee. Includes a glass carafe. Hot Warming plate to keep the coffee hot in carafe. If you’re looking design, form and function in a coffee maker, Wilfa Svart is something to consider. Centered around Nordic coffee tradition, where coffee is almost a religious ritual, the design of Svart is beautiful, simple and gives you an experience that you will truly enjoy. Svart mimics the method of pour-over for brewing coffee. And unlike other automatic pour over coffee makers, Svart actually gives you the ability to control the flow rate of the coffee brew, so you can either have it drip right away, or have the coffee steep for a little bit before dripping.




One Year Warranty


  • RED DOT AWARD WINNER (2013): The Precision is shaped by our increased understanding of the science of coffee brewing, and technological innovations allowing for unparalleled precision and consistency. The result is a beautiful machine – and perfectly brewed coffee, every time.
  • PRECISE HEATING SYSTEM: This pour over coffee machine delivers water at optimal brew temperature through the entire cycle of coffee brewing (197º-205ºF).
  • DETACHABLE WATER TANK: Fresh, clean water is one of the most important ingredients in great coffee. For that reason Wilfa Svart Precision has a detachable water tank making it extremely convenient to keep clean.
  • PERFECT WATER/COFFEE RATIO: Follow the measurements of freshly ground coffee and water indicated on the water tank, set the flow control to match, and enjoy one of the best cups of coffee you’ve ever tasted.
  • FLOW CONTROL: Wilfa Svart Precision has perfected the ratio between freshly grinded coffee and fresh water. With the flow control you can adjust the amount of brewed coffee you intend to make and to your taste preferences.



What you get:

One [1] Wilfa Precision Automatic Coffee Brewer