Can't Miss Women's Spring 2020 Fashion Trends

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Spring is just around the corner. The new season brings warmer weather, thoughts of summer, and spring fashion trends. 

If you’re itching to get out of your tights and wool sweaters, check out these fantastic spring looks to brighten up your wardrobe.

1. Florals and Stripes

Nothing says spring like florals. For a more modern look, try wearing florals with another hot trend – stripes. You can pair them as coordinating patterns or even try something that blends them both in the same piece.

2. Pastels

These past few seasons have been all about minimalist, modern structures, and women’s spring fashion trends build on that. Pale yellows, lilacs, apricots, peony, and rose-gold hues are gracing the runways in chunky heels, statement earrings, and cross-body bags.

pastel spring fashion

3. Shirt Details

You can’t go wrong with a classic shirt; it looks crisp and tailored when ironed and can take you from a meeting in the office to drinks and dinner on the veranda.

This spring look takes a tried-and-true style and adds flair with full sleeves, ties, and ruffles. Try a new spring top in the classic blue, or look for it in lighter shades.

 4. Minimalist Details

The buzz word in 2019 was “utilitarian,” and the runaways abounded with square, sleek shapes, and jumpsuits. The newest 2020 spring fashion trend takes this idea and runs with it.

Push your basic staples to the max with details like cargo pockets and chunky zippers. We love this practical trend as it’s comfortable and functional. 2020’s spring fashion adds to this with exposed buttons, oversized drawstrings, and zippers.

This trench coat takes an old standby – the trench – and modernizes it with an oversized belt and asymmetrical hem.

5. Denim Days

Nothing quite says spring like a pair of faded blue jeans that fit just-so. Denim has been a fashion buzzword for the last decade, and spring 2020 is no exception. The difference for this season is that we’re not looking at dark-wash skinny jeans. Instead, we see lighter pieces of denim or even patchwork jeans on the runway. This season is all about the details.

denim spring fashions

Look for denim in lighter washes and fuller legs, maybe even flare if you dare. Appliqué, ruffles, and different color patches make this season’s jeans look playful and flirty. Or make the classic look modern, like these denim, mid-rise Bermuda shorts.

6. Polka Dots

For this trend, you can stay with black-and-white spots, or try something in a pastel. Swap the round spots for hearts for a surprising, romantic take.

Similarly to stripes, if the article of clothing is extensive like a maxi dress or skirt, go for smaller spots. If it’s an accent piece, a bow or layer of ruffle, amp up the effect with larger dots.

7.Hoops and Bangles

If you like your statement pieces functional, then spring 2020’s fashion trends are here for you.

Fashionistas are still favoring the “bigger is better” idea when it comes to accessories (jewelry, not handbags), but spring 2020 will give us the statement pieces combined with the comfort we love.

Look for stacked bangles in multiple hues or oversized hoops bedazzled with rhinestones. This spring, it’s all about high shine and functionality.

spring bangle fashion
8.Blazers and Bras

For those of you who’d like to channel your inner Gigi Hadid, we have a trend for you. It may be inappropriate for the office, but the blazer-and-bra trend certainly emits a seriously sexy vibe while at the same time giving you some coverage with a blazer.

black blazer with bralette

On the runway, we see coordinated blazer-and-bra duos or fearless efforts like a neon bra under a polka-dotted blazer. Wear it if you dare, it is certainly a bold look.

Last Word

Get a jump on spring fashion trends with stripes, pastels, ruffled denim, polka dots, and more. If you can’t afford to go out and get yourself a whole new wardrobe, look for accent pieces like a lovely pastel pink crossbody bag or a polka-dotted scarf to tie around your neck.

For spring, it’s all about being playful, airy, and fun, while at the same time being comfortable and functional.

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