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Tips for Hosting a Great Super Bowl Party at Your House

By Stacy Schanks 0 comments

Hosting a Super Bowl party at home has become almost as popular and as much fun as the game itself. Make this year's party memorable with great food, games or contests, and football-themed decorations.

Arrange Your Space 

Arrange your living room or viewing area so your guests can see the game. Have a buffet table set up nearby for access to snacks and finger food during the game.

football party decorations

Courtesy: Style With Nancy

Create a separate area for non-football fans to hang out but still feel a part of the festivities. Set up another room for movies, board games, and gaming consoles to keep them occupied. This is also a great space for teenagers who may want to drift between catching the score and playing video games.

football party ideas

For sleepy children, have a quiet place where they can lie down and nap until the game is over and it’s time to leave.

Football Decorations & Supplies 

Hosting a Super Bowl party enables you to get into the spirit of the event. Decorations help set the mood for your party, and Super Bowl decoration ideas elevate your guests’ experience. The decorations for Super Bowl parties can be made in advance, so corral your friends to help you prepare for the big day.

Football party decorations ideas can be used to decorate the entire space. Make a DIY field runner to cover your tables, and hang football lanterns in the kitchen, living room, and outside

DIY football field table runner

DIY Football Field Tabler Runner Courtesy: Jordans Easy Entertaining 
Create DIY football Coasters and placements that will keep your space clean and make your table look good. It's a win-win!

DIY Football Coasters

DIY football coasters and placemats. Courtesy: Sugar & Cloth

Create banners to hang around the room. If you have any football helmets in the attic or garage, this would be a great time to dust them off and bring them out. Turn a helmet upside down, and it becomes a serving dish. You can also use it to hold utensils.

Pull out those old trophies or footballs because they make great centerpieces! 

If you have guests who pull for the opposing team, create a "safe" place where they can still be loyal to their team. Place a strip of tape on your carpet from a wall to the opposite wall in the middle of the room. One team can stay on the left side of the tape while the opposing team remains on the other side. Hang a banner on each side with the team names on them.

Don’t forget to create opportunities for photos of your party. Craft a backdrop with a football field or team helmets where your guests can take pictures for their Instagram feed. Offer props for your guests to get silly within the photos, such as helmets, mustaches, footballs, whistles, and team flags.

football party themed ideas

Get Some Football Apparel

Encourage your guests to wear their favorite team jersey or graphic tee. Keep a couple of extra on hand for those who don't have any.

If you're not really into football and are just there for the beer than consider one like the IPA Lot When I Drink Beer T-shirt or to give as gifts for your contests.

Other Super Bowl Party Ideas

If you want to impress your guests, give each a swag bag as they enter your party. The bag can contain an assortment of items like miniature footballs, pom-poms, and a whistle. 

football party gift ideas

Host a FANatic contest. The fan with the most spirit wins. It is also an excellent mixer for your guests to chat.

Bring Out delicious Tailgating Favorites

Provide your guests with a variety of typical tailgating themed foods like sliders, hot wings, chili, nachos, potato skins, and pizza. If you are hosting outside, grill hamburgers and hotdogs. For smaller parties, beef or chicken skewers are easy to eat while watching the game.

Set out a few snacks, including a variety of dips that you can serve in a versatile bowl like the Innovative Living Sports Party Serving Bowls. It uses little space, and it looks awesome!

If you want to get extra creative, you can go to your local craft store and find wooden hardware boxes to store an assortment of chips and snacks.

football party snack ideas

Saving the main foods for the half-time show is preferable. No one wants to miss an important pass because they were fixing a plate. Decorate the serving bowls with footballs and helmets using construction paper, scissors, and a little white tape.

Store drinks in a cooler. Keep your guests’ beer cold while they are drinking with stainless steel Beer Cooling Sticks. These innovative sticks cool your beverage instantly. They are easy to use, easy to wash, and reusable.

Provide an alternative to alcohol such as mocktails, soda, or water. Serve the drinks in a glass with white tape affixed to the outside of the glass, like football laces.

football party straws themed

Top them off with the 8-pack Stainless Steel Bent & Straight Drinking Straws. These straws are eco-friendly and reusable and they are safe for kids to use. Stainless steel straws also make your drink taste colder for longer.

Don’t forget dessert for your guests with a sweet tooth. Decorate cupcakes with mini helmets, footballs, and pennants. You can also decorate a sheet cake to look like a stadium or football field.

Have a Backup Plan

While most parties go off without a hitch, it’s always smart to be prepared with an alternate plan to make sure your party is still a success.

Choose decorations that can be used inside or outside. Have a plan of action to rearrange furniture to accommodate your guests during inclement weather. If rain showers are expected throughout the day, consider renting a large tent. Serve dishes on the buffet tables with covers nearby so that you can quickly take them inside in case of rain.

The Takeaway

A Super Bowl party is the perfect time to gather the people you love and enjoy and transform your home into a football fan’s dream. To find more creative decorating ideas for your party, visit Daily Steals to check out our great entertaining deals.

Super Bowl commercials are a big draw to the game. Many non-fans watch the game just to see the new and creative ads. Have your guests judge the best and worst commercial after the game and create a number ranking system to grade each commercial on its creativity.

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