How to be More Successful in 2020 Without Setting Goals

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You know the saying, “ New year, New me!” A cliche motto, that loses all it’s significance by the third week of January since it's been proven that’s when 80% of people quit at achieving their New Years Resolution. It should come to no surprise either since we have conditioned ourselves to do many things a certain way, it can be very easy to revert back to your traditional routine.

To achieve your new year’s goals, we believe, it’s not about working harder, making vision boards, or reading tons of self -help books,
it's about what you believe about yourself. More specifically, it’s about who you identify yourself as to help you achieve your goals. 

The Problem Most People Have With Goal Setting For The New Year 

Who is it that you need to become to achieve that goal you desire?  Most people have this have-do-be mentality, meaning in order to have something, I need to do something, to be something or someone, which may not be the sustainable method to achieve your goals. 

For example, if one of your new year’s goals is to lose weight or get into shape, many will get the external motivation from new athleticwear,  fancy workout equipment (Peleton lovers unite!), or get a new gym membership, and start their journey in January and STOP that same month. Why? If you’re a person who doesn’t like working out or ever worked out, then most likely your self-identity, to begin with, is already a person who has never been committed to working out. 

When you try to go get into the habit of going to the gym, your true identity says, You’ve never been the person to stay dedicated at the gym” and you attempt to overcome that by using willpower, so a couple of days later you’re back to your old behavior and start making excuses because that’s who you’ve identified your self to be.

When we do external behaviors that don’t align with our unconscious identity we can’t stay committed. 

Our conscious mind is not strong enough to overrule what our subconscious believes. Humans work by unconscious habits and it’s not until you change your self-image to make sure you stop repeating your old patterns over and over and over again.

The Solution To Really Achieve Your New Years Resolutions: Win in Your Mind First

Instead of focusing on what you want to achieve, focus on:

“Who do I need to be, to do what I need to do, to have what I want?”- Jim Fortin

So instead of working from the have-do-be mentality work from is the be-do-have model. That is the reverse model of how most people work, a true peak performance model. Acting as if you are already the person you want to be the person, do the things of that identity and then you will get what you want.  

How To Set Yourself Up For Success

  • Reprogram Your Habits: Remember, you don’t get what you want, you get what your unconscious habits are. Build actionable habits and even habits of thinking, that gets you the outcomes that you want. If you layout a new habit and follow it for 21 days straight, your new habit will now be automatic! 
  • Become Self Aware of Your Patterns: We’re just so internally focused as beings, we don’t see a lot of what goes on in our behavior or outside of us. Start being mindful of your actions, your thoughts, and the things you say to others. We have to become masters of our attention and notice any self-sabotaging patterns. Mindfulness is an important habit to develop, so you can identify anything that might hinder you from the person you are trying to become.
  • Have Self-Integrity: The majority of us have been taught from an early age to commit to the promises you make other people, which is very honorable, but what about showing commitment to yourself?  Do you show yourself the same integrity when you make yourself a promise? Everyone is guilty of making commitments to themself, and falling short. The problem with not showing up for yourself is that you make creates a feedback loop of not believing in yourself, not trusting yourself, and that lack of trust ends up holding you back. If you commit to doing something, do it with 100%. Don’t give yourself excuses.  Once the habit of having self-integrity gets created you will start transforming your self-identity.
  • Visualize: Imagine What You Want To Create! If you have a goal in mind, start making it a habit in the morning, afternoon and evening to imagine what it is you want to create. The important note here is to make sure you hear, see, and feel the end result of your goal. Why? Because the unconscious mind works on feeling. Make sure to visualize the things you would see, who you would be at that end result once you reach your goal and what would you feel once you achieved that goal. Do that over and over and over with gentle repetition

Tools To Help You Achieve Your Beliefs And Change Your Goals

Start holding your self accountable to the commitments you’re going to tell yourself you’re going to make when you are ready to make make the switch in your identity. Here are some simple tools and resources to get you started.

    • Accountability notebook or Privé Planner Daily Planner - Carry an accountability notebook/ planner every day to make sure you commit to the goals you set for yourself every day. Make a checklist the night before to plan your day out to and break down your big goals into micro goals so you can see what you have to do to get there. Make it a habit every day to write your list, look over it and check off what you promised yourself. Before you know it you created the habit of being self integral! It’s also a great way to write down the behavior, capability, beliefs and the identity of the person you want to see yourself as! 
    • Rewarding Productivity Course: Rewarding Productivity Habits of Highly Successful People. A great course for those in the beginning phases of self-improvement. The course will teach students how to do the right things, not how to multitask and how to implement productivity habits slowly. If you try to do too much at once, habits don't tend to change.
    • CommitTO3 App:  This is a great daily task management app that increases productivity through focused tasks and peer accountability. Accomplish more and achieve success — all with the help and support of your team.

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