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DIY: Safeguard Your House on a Budget

By Stacy Schanks 0 comments

Burglar-proofing your residence can put a strain on your pocketbook, especially if you’re on a budget. But that doesn’t mean your home has to be left vulnerable. There are lots of cheap ways to protect your home. Our arsenal of home security tips can bring homeowners on a budget some peace of mind wherever they are! 

Use technology designed for your security needs Cheap home security ideas to include a range of affordable high-tech solutions. Here are a few of our favorites:

Outdoor Motion Sensor Lighting

Install a few motion sensor lights around your home, especially in your backyard. The Sylvania LED Night Light with Motion Sensor is a low-priced option that doesn’t break the bank. It has an adhesive backing and optional screw mount that are easy to install. This unit is battery-operated and comes with 4 AA batteries.

A solar-powered alternative like the Outdoor Nation Solar Powered Security Floodlight is also a great option. This appliance comes with powerful 22-LED Bulbs designed to bathe any area with brilliant light. The Outdoor Nation Solar Powered Security Floodlight is designed to withstand the elements and can be programmed to stay on for up to 60 seconds. It is easy to mount and requires no special wiring by an electrician.

outdoor home lighting security

Install Home Security Cameras

Get premium quality and great value with a cost-effective camera like the 1080p Wireless IP Camera, World HD 360 Degree Panoramic View. This inexpensive camera swivels 360 degrees to eliminate blind spots and captures video and audio at sharp, high definition into a 128-gigabyte storage unit.

The sensors in the 1080p Wireless IP Camera quickly detect movement and send alerts to the phone app. Recorded data is encrypted and only readable after the data is downloaded directly onto your phone from the memory chip. The audio component features a speaker and mic for two-way communication.

Another inexpensive home security option is the AMZ Security Mini 1080p Spy Camera with motion detection. The unit offers picture resolution up to 1080p, AVI video, and 128 gig storage capacity.

home security cameras

This budget-friendly gadget also has 5-mile night vision distance and non-luminance infrared lights night for easy concealment. The remotely controlled on/off switch on the app adds to this security camera’s ease of use and convenience.

Install A Complete Home Security System Kit 

Take advantage of all a smart home security system has to offer. The reasonably-priced Ring Alarm 5 Piece Kit provides your home with a complete security kit that is easy to install. You can regulate the camera, alarms, and doorbells from a central location while you control the system remotely.


ring alarm security kit

Best of all, this system works with Alexa, so you can pair it with any Alexa-enabled device for easy monitoring of your home.

Learn how to secure your home with the right lock

Strong door chain locks on all exterior access doors also go a long way in securing a home. Invest in a durable deadbolt like the Nest x Yale Lock with Nest Connect to fortify your home against picked locks.

This lock is operated with a pin code and can be programmed to auto-lock in your absence. You can also program it to assign access codes to other users. The Nest x Yale Lock has a range extender that allows remote control on the Nest app.

Practice a little misdirection

There might be times when you are reluctant to advertise your home’s security. A perfect solution to that dilemma is the LizaTech LizaCam USB Wall Plug with Hidden Camera.

This camera presents all the features of a normal USB wall charger and can be plugged into any electronic device to function as an ordinary USB adapter. What it actually does is record audio and video in crisp high definition.

With this appliance, you can view recorded footage from your Android or iPhone device with Wi-Fi. The sensors in the unit can be programmed to activate recording when motion is detected and will send a live feed to owners via the LizaCam app.

hidden security camera

The LizaTech LizaCam USB Wall Plug with Hidden Camera has actual USB ports so you can charge other devices while the camera records. This lends more credibility to its disguise.

At A Glance

This outdoor rated motion sensor has is easy to install on any door-- interior/exterior doors, porches, sheds, garages, basements-- anywhere that you need the security of light - doorknob, locks and steps are brightly illuminated. The motion detector senses your approach and will automatically shut off ten seconds after motion stops. Light, where you want, when you want it.

Once a motion is detected, the hidden camera will send Push Notification with images to your phone. You can log into the App to see what’s going on in real-time and never worry about missing something important. The device features a covert design of 6 infrared IR lights with non-luminance and 5M night vision distance.

The World HD 360 degree panoramic view 1080p wireless IP camera provides high-quality images that show off every detail in brilliant clarity with the super wide view angle. The 360° view prevents any blind areas, and the loop recording provides images that are saved to the Micro SD card (up to 128GB) for your home and office use.

The LizaTech LizaCam USB wall plug with hidden IP camera might look like an ordinary USB wall charger, but this wall plug features a hidden HD camera allowing you to capture HD video. Using the revolutionary LizaCam App, you're able to see exactly what’s going on even when you aren't around. Have peace of mind and be able to see your house from miles away.

Protect your property from the inside-out, and get mobile alerts when doors or windows open and when motion is detected at home. Set up your entire system without the need for tools or professional installation, and expand your Alarm to fit any home or apartment.

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