9 Ways To Convert Your Home Into A Smart Home in 2020

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As smart technologies have become more accessible and affordable for the average consumer, smart homes are on the rise across the United States. In 2o19, there were over 135 million households using at least one smart device. Statista predicts there will be around 276 million smart homes by 2024. Learn how to turn your home into a smart home with 2020s most advanced home-based innovations. 

Smart Home Speakers

Smart home assistants, also known as smart home speakers, are the most critical device for your smart home. 

smart home speakers

These devices are the control center for all the smart devices in your home. Voice-activated, they follow your verbal commands to turn on the lights, lock the doors, play music, and answer your questions.

Although more brands are developing smart tech speakers, they haven’t perfected their craft as well as Amazon or Google. Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home Assistant offer you reliability and personalization options that other brands just can’t match

Smart Home Lighting: ControlThe Schedule of Your Lights

Smart bulbs allow you to control your lights with your phone or through Alexa or Google Assistant. You can schedule them to turn on at any time and dim them at will, even if you don't have a dimmer switch. Smart LED lightbulbs can provide the perfect ambiance for every room in your home while helping you save on your monthly electric bills. Beyond that, you can program your lights to change colors when your alarms go off or you get a new email.

smart light bulb for home

Depending on the type of smart bulb you purchase, you can even adjust each light bulb’s color settings to match your mood, activity and the time of day. Some smart bulbs even come with Bluetooth speakers which are ideal for streaming background music into your kitchen, living room, or other gathering spaces; and are a fuss-free solution for hard-to-wire places such as cabins or rentals.


Smart Home Security Systems 

Many consumers are using smart door locks and surveillance cameras so they can check-in remotely. 

Smart door locks can be installed easily. All you need to do is remove the existing hardware and pop in the new smart lock. Different locks will have differing unlocking mechanisms. Some locks are opened by entering in a pin, using an app, or scanning a fingerprint. 

Smart surveillance cameras can be placed inside or outside of the home and record anything that triggers the motion sensor. The feeds are sent directly to your smartphone, so you know what’s happening 24/7. 

Smart Smoke and Carbon Dioxide Detector 

Smoke and carbon dioxide detectors are already a safety staple in every home across the country. But these technologies can be outdated and set off by false alarms, which is why smart detectors are quickly becoming the new standard.


Most smart detectors can detect smoke or CO2. They warn you of danger through clear, verbal messages, or by sending a push notification connected smart devices like your phone or tablet. 

Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Nobody likes cleaning, but it must be done, so why not enlist a robot vacuum cleaner to do it? Robotic vacuums are now a common staple in homes. They often reaching areas inaccessible to standard vacuum cleaners. 

These vacuums can sense if a floor is dirty and go to their charging stations if their battery starts getting low. 

Smart Doorbell 

Smart doorbells enable you to check who is standing at your front door with your mobile device. 

Smart doorbells have integrated cameras and speakers so you can see and communicate with anyone who passes by your door. More advanced smart doorbells even have the technology to identify regular visitors and inform you of their presence, even if you aren’t home. 

Smart Thermostat 

Smart thermostats automate your home's temperature, helping you stay comfortable and save on energy costs when you aren’t at home.

smart thermostat

Many thermostats have their own control apps and connect to the Amazon Echo and Google Home devices. 

Snowbirds and people who travel in the winter can raise or lower the heat in their homes to prevent pipes from freezing. Others can set their thermostats before they leave work, so they come home to the perfect temperature.

Smart Refrigerator  

Smart fridges are equipped with technology that takes inventory of food items as well as their expiration dates. Smart fridges recommend recipes, let you know if any produce is about to expire, and order more pantry staples if you are starting to run low. 

Robotic Lawnmowers 

Similar to robot vacuum cleaners, smart lawnmowers can act on their own, trimming your lawn as necessary. 

robotic lawnmower

These machines can’t be found in every neighborhood home improvement store, but they are definitely the time-saving smart device every green-thumb needs to maintain their picture-perfect lawn. 

Why You Should Transition to a Smart Home

Smart devices are part of the American household’s future. These technologies can help improve our quality of life, provide us with entertainment, make tedious chores a part of the past, and keep our homes safe. 

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