Green Laser Pointer



Remember when lasers were cool...well they're still cool! Every high power green laser pointer is hand calibrated and tested to output at least 5mw and thus offers the expected stunning power expected of a real constant wave green 532nm laser pointer. It's much brighter to look at than a regular red laser pointer and always with a visible green beam. This high power green laser pointer will impress your coworkers, family and friends. Use it for your next presentation and everybody will know that you are ahead of the latest technology.

Product Features:

  • 5 milliwatts of power, strongest allowed by law
  • Can be seen up to 10 miles at night
  • Green laser pointers are significantly brighter (up to 60x)
  • Great for astronomy
  • Unlike a red laser, the green beam itself can be seen in mid-air in dark conditions
  • Also ideal for presentations
  • Works well if you need to point at something
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries (included)
  • Warning!
  • Laser pointers are effective tools when used properly.
  • The following considerations should be observed when using laser pointers:
  • Never look directly into the laser beam.
  • Never point a laser beam at a person.
  • Do not aim the laser at reflective surfaces.
  • Never view a laser pointer using an optical instrument, such as binoculars or a microscope.
  • Do not allow children to use laser pointers.
Final Sale

What You Get:

  • Green Laser Pointer
  • (2) AAA Batteries