Shiatsu Massage Chair



The perfect back massager for you awaits! Lean back and recline into luxury with this fantastic shiatsu massage chair. Whether your calves, back or shoulders are craving rolling, shiatsu, or spot massage, the BM-EC69 massage chair has it covered. This chair represents the perfect fusion of ancient shiatsu healing techniques and modern technology. This powerfully rejuvenating chair delivers a full array of massage techniques including rolling, kneading, compression, percussion, chop action tapping and soothing vibration. The benefits of this massage chair promote a healthy lifestyle. With continued massages, these chairs have been scientifically proven to stimulate the dilation of blood vessels. As a direct result, it's helps to eliminate impurities and toxins in your blood, tissues an organ. This is not simply an investment in your comfort; it's an investment in better living.

Product Features:

  • Rolling: Moving up and down, like the fixed-point of revolving finger pressing for direct and effective massage effect.
  • Kneading: Reduces muscle pain and works out knots.
  • Shiatsu Results: Power rollers are used to relax muscle stress, reducing fatigue and rejuvenating the mind and body
  • Compression and Percussion: Improves flexibility, mobility and posture of the legs
  • Chop Action Tapping and Flapping: Reduces soreness and ache fasten, relax stiff muscles and soften thick layers of fatty deposits, stimulate nerves and stressed muscles.
  • Vibrators at the feet and calves for releasing tension
  • The vibration massage function stimulates the dilation of blood vessels
  • Helps to eliminate impurities and toxins in your blood, tissues and organs.
  • Easy to use LED controller
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What You Get:

  • Full Body Shiatsu Reclining Massage Chair - Black
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